Foo Fighters Announce October 17 Premiere of HBO Series and New Single

New album coming up after the documentary series premiere, more inside.

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Foo Fighters have officially announced October 17 as the premiere date of Dave Grohl-directed HBO documentary series "Sonic Highways," also confirming that the first single off their new album will be presented on the same day.

The show's finale is set to take place on December 5, rounding up the group's new-album journey that took them through eight US cities, recording one song in each of them with the help of such local icons as Gary Clark Jr., Joe Walsh of the Eagles and Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen.

The series precedes the album release, which is currently only tentatively scheduled for November. However, the record is definitely finished, and is also "epic" according to producer Butch Vig.

"We are officially done with the new Foo Fighters album. 23 straight days mixing! It's epic!" Vig recently tweeted. While waiting for more info, you can check out the film trailer again in the player below.

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    Sure hope they make this available for streaming on at least Netflix or something. There's gonna be a lot of people wanting to see the show but who can't afford to get HBO for this one show only.
    I'm pretty sure Amazon has exclusive rights to HBO series. They don't have anything right away when it airs, though.
    Would be surprised if they don't also call that record "Sonic Highways".
    I hate foo fighters. i dont get the hype for them. they sound like a version of nickleback.