Foo Fighters Dedicate 'My Hero' To Barack Obama

Rock music at political party conventions has become increasingly commonplace in the last decade or so, and the recent Democratic National Convention was no exception.

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Rock music at political party conventions has become increasingly commonplace in the last decade or so, and the recent Democratic National Convention was no exception. Taking to the stage at the event in North Carolina, Foo Fighters performed a special two-song acoustic set, which included a version of 1998 single "My Hero" which was dedicated to Barack Obama. Before playing the track, Dave Grohl said the following: "It's an honour to be here tonight. I think this song makes perfect sense, here." The band's set also included 2011 track "Walk".

According to NME, other performances at the DNC came from Mary J. Blige, James Taylor, Marc Anthony and Jessica Sanchez. Foo Fighters also played an epic 35-song set the night before the DNC (September 5th) at the Rock The Vote Show, also in North Carolina. The band, who headlined the Reading festival on August 26th had dispelled their own claims about going on hiatus. Grohl had told the Reading crowd: "It's the last show of the tour and it's the last show for a long time." The group also has lined up US festival appearances in Atlanta, Georgia on September 21 and Pensacola Beach, Florida on September 22.

Foo Fighters' set at the DNC fared somewhat better than 3 Doors Down's show at the Republican National Convention. The band had played their set to a less than enthusiastic audience, with many of the members of the audience filing out of the auditorium as they performed. CNN's Lisa Desjardins commented: "I SEE NOT ONE Republican rocking, swaying or even halting to listen to the sounds of Three Doors Down. And I can see the whole place" while the Washington Post gave "Full credit to Chris Christie. Forcing 3 Doors Down on an unsuspecting audience is definitely telling people what they don't want to hear."

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    Cheeseman Jay
    *grabs popcorn and waits for ensuing political shitstorm*
    I can see it now..."Republicans Slam Foo Fighters"
    I just made a joke about Dave Mustaine SLAMMING (yep, this word deserves to be caps locked) Grohl tomorrow, but some angry moderator felt like deleting it. Heh.
    Veronique Vega
    Dave Grohl's pose... does he think he just won a beauty pageant? Clad in a Slayer tshirt and all? *avoiding political hooey*
    I dunno about the rest of you guys, but I just don't give a crap about any musicians political orientation. Be it Dave Grohl, Tom Petty, Dave Mustaine, Pussy Riot or even Phil Lynotts' Mom....I don't give a damn! I just wanna hear kick-ass music. If I wanna hear about politics, I'll tune in to CNN.
    Musicians don't suddenly stop being people with opinions when they get famous. Frankly its refreshing, whether I agree or not, when a musician actually gives a hoot about the world and where its at. They tend to be the ones who make the most interesting music too. 'Shut up and sing' is a really dull mentality to have.
    I agree with both of you to an extent, it's nice to know someone supports a party or a cause, but having an artist play at an event like that is unnecessary, then again, I think Obama is trying anything to stay away from his great track record. I'm not even a US citizen but I always thought Obama was a fraud.
    I understand they have an opinion but the majority of people in America don't scream hey I'm voting for this guy, you should too. I personally don't agree with them making public announcements on who they support. As for them playing at the national conventions it's brilliant due to the number of ignorant fools, and people who follow like sheep because they can't think for themselves
    sooooo if you are famous you aren't allowed to have opinions or speak out on your opinions????
    I just don't like it when all they do is spout their opinions every day as if they were on CNN. By all means, feel free to voice your opinion, just don't make that the only thing that fans have to pay attention to. Music comes first.
    Dave Grohl for president.
    I've always said Dave Grohl for President and Serj Tankian for Vice. Grohl/Serj 2012
    Ian Paul Gint
    Dave Mustaine for vice-president
    LOL, that's probably the first time I ever saw a moderator trolling.
    Metallica for Supreme Court.
    Veronique Vega
    Coutney Love for Speaker of the House
    What really struck me about this article is that they played a 35 song set. This band is ageless.
    Totally agree...I feel the systems rigged because of our 2 choice system and all the f-in money that goes into this constant spewing of b.s. to our media outlets that you can't get away from. Unless of course you can survive under a rock...I like a lot of the Foo Fighters music, but I don't agree with their support of anything political.
    can anyone of you mention a celebrity deathmatch episode with Obama/Grohl vs Romney/Mustain as tag-teams?
    There is only one way to solve that match, and that is a rap battle.
    So much for anarchic 'Fuck the establishment' Rock 'N' Roll!!! Keep sucking on the sack!!! Hope Rage Against The Machine and System Of A Down reform so we can have some excitement back in rock instead of all this do-gooder stuff!
    Sammy Mantis
    Rage and System will not be back as long as Barry is in office. Don't you know it's far too taboo to say anything slightly critical about the flawless messiah Obama? Now if Romney is elected, they'll probably be back in action before the end of this year. Because y'know...It's all just...These greedy corporations and stuff man...Y'know?
    Anarchy/anti-establishment ideals don't help society progress. Who is still a symbol of anarchy nowadays? People have wised up. Just screaming about how much you hate your government is stupid. You need to actually do something about it, which you do by becoming more politically involved.
    There's a true irony that nearly all performers, actors/musicians, consider themselves rebels just for the sake of rebellion itself, but clamor for a bigger government that makes more decisions for people. Meanwhile, they all hate conservatives who want the government to stay out of everyone's business....
    I wouldn't exactly call deciding on who gets to marry who, or even adopt a child, perform stem cells research or whether one is allowed to perform an abortion as "staying out of everyone's business".
    As Margaret Sanger was a proponent of eugenics as well as birth control and abortion "rights" (a nice aspect of Nazi propaganda-remember the Aryans as superior?), there is legitimacy in opposing ending human life before birth. If not for the sheer horror of the act itself (which you yourself tolerate-in spite of how your mother felt), the act of abortion is an easy tool to wipe out "undesirable" people of certain genetic & cultural heritage (black people often take notice of this since Planned Parenthood is often found in the neighborhoods of the economically fortunate). If opposing a tool for genocide is objectionable to resist the government from implementing, I doubt there's anything you would resist as long as their leftists. As far as marriage goes, people can screw who or what they want, procreation and propigating the species are the roots of what marriage is. In spite of technological assistance, we all know what's necessary to create another life. Love whom you choose, stop asking the 98.5% of humanity who are not homosexual to call it the same thing as marriage.
    That last part is a bold faced lie. There are many benefits that only apply to married couples, both financial and legal. By your logic, anyone who can't conceive, hetero or homosexual, shouldn't be allowed to marry.
    The point isn't about "allowing" 2 people to be in a committed, legally-binding relationship. It's about (in the case of the US) 300 million people being told by 3 million that the overwhelming majority must accept a redefinition of an institution that, at it's essence, is a vow before God, their church, family and community of commitment. Like it or not, most of the world believes in a God that view homosexuality as sin (which is not an excuse to hate them, BTW). The end result of calling a union between anything other than a man and woman "marriage" opens the definition to be debated with any combination or variation (polygamy, for instance). The legal aspect is related to estate and other contract law, which in a Constitutional Republic everyone enjoys equal protection. The objection most have with the issue of gay "marriage" is the government redefining a spiritual and social issue and imposing it on everyone else.
    Legalizing same sex marriage (it's an actual marriage, not a "marriage" as you put it) will not lead to polygamy, bestiality, pedophilia, or marrying inanimate objects. It will lead to two people of the same gender getting married. Once those issues actually come up, THEN you can use them, until then they're completely fictional. Marriage is no longer just a religious ceremony, it's also a legal status with unique perks. Not everyone feels the same as you do (half of the US + 11 other countries and counting). They also "imposed" allowing people of different races to marry. Was that such a bad thing?
    I'm glad The Foo's pocketbooks are fat. Too bad they can't relate to the rest of us living in the country. Thought these guys were hip to the fact that these politicians rob us...but guess not. They play sides with the best of them.
    Dave Grohl is awesome. love him. Obama is, without trying to start a big argument, most definitely not my favorite. so this story bummed me out...
    I don't mind seeing politics on a music website. For a lot of bands these two themes go hand in hand...
    Music-related politics on a music-news website* would be more appropriate of a statement.
    Of course the Republicans were bored--who wouldn't be with 3 Doors Down playing? Now if Revocation had gone up on that stage, then the Elephants would stampede to the mosh pits.
    Bring it all down!!! Derpa derp derp!!! These corporations are all so corporationy!!
    Didn't they complain when McCain used this? They said it was about the "average" day to day person. I guess not, hey Dave?
    How can anyone hate Obama when the other option is Mitt Romney? And btw, just gotta mention something funny. Mustaine caused major shitstorm with his comments, look up how many comments he got at: e-megadeth-si_n_1784525.html That's crazy...
    Can't you hate both of them? I find it quite odd that a country can be politically divided into having to support either the red team or the blue team, and then you're expected to fall in love with whoever happens to be the captain of 'your' team this time around. Both of them are just playing the game ayway. Neither candidate has committed to any policies that will make real improvement in people's lives. It's more like trying to decide which candidate might do a slightly less terrible job if they were to be elected. They're both going to continue with the same wars (and probably start new ones), they're both going to keep making US citizens pay the enormous debt that the banks pushed onto the tax payers all around the world an they both going to ignore the fact that the worlds of politics and finance are more corrupt than ever and ordinary citizens are the ones that have to pay for it. I didn't expect Dave Grohl to have been taken in by it all. Anyway, rant over now. I'm off to play guitar. I'm in a bit of a Rage Against the Machine mood after all that.
    Sammy Mantis
    Agree, good post. I don't understand the whole "I vote Democrat/Republican" thing. Seems like a totally blind and thoughtless way to go about it. Why not research all candidates yourself and see which ones sound best for you regardless of the party?
    Because people are retards that get fed by the media and believe all the bullcrap that the politicians spit out of their mouths. If half this nation knew what I'm sure their votes would change, especially if they would spend more than the 30 minutes on CNN or FoxNews learning about what their going to choose to run the country...
    Family loyalties as well. People get raised as one or the other then continue that path. In the same way most religions are continued.
    You'd have really good grades if you'd put as much time in your schoolwork as you do in writing political philosophy essays in UG.
    @AndyZ: Being a condescending smartass contributes to a discussion in what way? I finished school with damn good grades a good few years ago with college and all the rest. If you think that one post on a guitar website is a political philosophy essay, I'd say you're the one who ought to keep studying.
    Didn't mean to insult or to be a smartass, it was just a stupid joke. I was just kinda trying to say (yeah, maybe in a bit smartass way) that sometimes people put way too much time into making internet arguments and crap on small comment sections, while they could be doing something actually useful. I didn't say it in a condesncending way, I said it in what-I-thought-was a humorous way, and people obviously didn't find it humorous, so I apologize. There.
    I was trying to reply to guitar twunts post but it apparently didn't work out that way. ha.
    Why has UG news been so slow recently? Is it just because of this messy new comment system or what?
    Love the Slayer t-shirt in the photo Dave, I think it's time you made another Probot album.
    Personally I think Obama's been great. Seriously hope he makes it into office again from a Brit's POV. The guy seems genuinely good at everything he does. Politics aside though, i'd be pissed off if Foo Fighters were my fave band and I didn't like Obama. Maybe separation of music and politics is a good non written law to agree on?
    Well it's obvious you're not in America. It confuses me how you can say that he is doing everything right while our country's national debt is over 16 TRILLION. Check out and tell me that the rate that it's moving is not absolutely ridiculous. Also, with that in mind, a man who attempts to pass a law nationalizing healthcare, thus both raising taxes and the national debt even more is obviously doing something wrong.
    The debt situation is pretty devastating, yeahh. It's not all Obama's fault though; T he massive increase in debt had started before Obama took office, and has since slowed. You can't fairly expect the debt situation to do a U-turn and be righted in one term. A National Health Service is massively useful to have for numerous reasons though. This might not have been the ideal time economically to introduce it but personally I'd say in the long run it has more good effects than bad on the public. Bottom line is though that this is a guitar website. Screw politics on here. Rock on \m/ ;]
    You are aware of the 8 years directly preceding his presidency right? You are aware of the 3 months directly preceding his presidency where the largest financial collapse since 1929 happened right? When he took office (last time you had a republican in the WH) you were hemorrhaging over 1/2 a million jobs a month. Now you're complaining because what, you're only adding 50,000 a month? Last time I checked, there weren't any tax increases at the federal level either, and healthcare wasn't nationalized, he basically put in a voucher system. Romney designed the template for it in Massachusetts. And frankly, look at the european countries that do not have a debt problem right now (germany, sweden, norway, etc), they all have nationalized healthcare. If you want to save budget dollars, start looking at military spending, its what, 60% of the US yearly budget?
    Ah. The "blame Obama and forget how much of a ****ing moron Bush was" politics. Very original. Well played Corky.
    Rock N Roll use to be about sticking it to the establishment. Now the establishment owns rock n roll too. **** this world.
    What are you, 16? "Sticking it to the establishment" does nothing. Becoming part of it, and changing it from the inside is how problems get resolved. Get a job hippie.
    Music and Politics don't mix. Thus Dave Mustaine. My hero Guitar wise not politics wise.
    Music and politics don't mix? Rage Against the Machine begs to differ.
    You mean they posture and randomly criticize "the establishment" in order to sell records?
    I kinda thought that at first, but I changed my mind when I found out that several of them actually do charity work to support the matters that they're putting forward
    To say that they are only interested in making money is a rash statement.
    Have you ever heard of this time called "The 70's"? It was around this time that a big music scene occurred because of the hatred of the current British Politics. Punk.
    Im always upset seeing all the bands I love not be Republicans or Libertarians. Maybe one day I'll find that band
    Guttermouth too! They actually got kicked off of Warped Tour for spouting pro-Bush propaganda in 2004 i think..
    It's all good if a musician wants to support his political party, but I still believe partisan politics is a bunch of total bullshit that everyone seems to get wrapped up in. Everyone wants to take sides against each other while they just get screwed by the rich. Oh well, I'll probably get thumbs downed because someone thinks I'm just trying to sound cool, or intelligent, or whatever.
    It really doesn't make a huge difference to me what political stances are for musicians. Sure, they can share it if they want, and I'd discuss/argue with them if I were to meet them in person, but nothing would be enough to change my opinion of them as a musician, or change my opinion of their music. I keep hearing of friends hating each other, or even family members not speaking to each other, all because of differences in political views, and that's just ridiculous.
    If I make it famous i'm not going to go around giving my political opinion. It's tasteless and has nothing to do with music unless you're in a punk/oi! band.
    People will listen to them, so why not tell people what they think is important? If you have the power to influence, use it.