Foo Fighters Drummer on Gene Simmons' Cobain Comments: 'F--k That, It's Nonsense'

"They're icons for sure," Taylor Hawkins adds.

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Drummer Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters briefly addressed Gene Simmons' recent comments about Kurt Cobain not being a music icon, branding them "nonsense." As previously reported, Kiss bassist claimed that Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse can't be considered as definite music icons due to lack of material, specifically for releasing only two or three albums. "Oh, f--k that," Hawkins told TMZ. "That's just not ... that's nonsense." When asked on whether Cobain and Winehouse are icons in his book, the drummer added: "Whatever that means, yeah. I mean, for sure, especially Nirvana." As previously reported, Simmons gave the two late musicians a mild bashing during a Team Rock interview while elaborating why has the decline of music industry prevented true musical icons to appear. Interestingly enough, the bassist also mentioned Foo Fighters within the same domain, as well as Green Day, saying that although they're both great bands, they're still far from "iconic superstars." You can check out Taylor's brief comments below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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    The Jimi Hendrix Experience released 3 albums with Jimi Hendrix alive. Jimi Hendrix is not an icon on Gene Simmons book.
    Robert Johnson left only two photographs, two marriage licenses, and 26 recordings. Yet he has left more of an impact on music in general than Kiss ever will. According to Gene Simmons, he's not an icon.
    That 37 second interview just seemed completely pointless. Simmons will always be an ass, he thinks he's an elite human!
    Jeff Buckley made one album, then died. He's an icon to many songwriters and musicians, not for his early death, but for the talent he had. Sure, the myth has grown because he passed away so young, but that's with every artist. In my eyes he's an icon, in other people's eyes he's just an overrated musician. It's a matter of PERSONAL OPINIONS. If you love Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, think of him as an icon. If you don't, leave it alone.
    Simmons was being a massive douche, but he was right about Kurt being as famous as he is now because of his suicide. *prepares for downvotes*
    In the months near the end of Cobain's life, Nirvana was already the most successful and most culturally important rock band in the world, so maybe you can understand why it was kind of a big deal that he killed himself. This ridiculous resentment and suicide shaming is just an unnecessarily shitty was to say you don't like Nirvana's music. If you don't like the music then fine, but when you feel the need to put someone down because they had mental problems serious enough to make them kill themselves, then I'd say you're probably a "massive douche". Besides, it's not exactly like the dude anything to gain from it, considering, you know, he's ****ing dead.
    I think that goes without saying. It's often the case that stars that die in their prime will be idolised more than those that go on to fade into obscurity. That said, to deny that Kurt is 'iconic' is just plain stupid. Whether you liked his music or not, he played a starring role in the lives of a whole generation and pretty much spearheaded an entire musical genre. I'd argue that Kurt's untimely death made him more of an icon and that being an icon in no way depends on the size of your musical back catalogue.
    True. I remember back in school in those days, everyone and their dog was gushing over Nirvana. I still have yet to listen to anything from them, or even the Foo Fighters. Back then, I listened to T Bone Walker, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Muddy Waters. I wasn't interested in then-modern music. I'm going to have to pick up one of their albums now. Just to see what the hype is all about.
    actually he became a bit more famous because of the suicide, but that doesn't mean Nirvana wasn't big.
    To be fair in those four studio albums Kurt recorded with Nirvana, he had a bigger influence than most artists do in their long careers - quality over quantity
    Word. Look at a band like the Sex Pistols (which I am not a huge fan of, but do not dislike either) they only came out with an EP and people still talk about them because of the influence. In my opinion there was better punk to come, but they started something. Same thing with Kurt he really brought "heavy" / "grungy" music to the mainstream. Which paved the way for the success of many future bands whether they were Nirvana fans or not. in my opinion the best Nirvana album is Bleach, I love the rawness, although the drumming is not as good as later efforts.
    But they still had a major following. I don't think Amy became more famous after her death actually.
    Not necessarily, If he had not commit suicide there's a real chance that he could be more famous.
    Surprise, up vote! But no, I still think Kurt sucked before and after he killed himself.
    Watch it. I made an anti-Cobain comment and then got admonished by UG for being offensive. His fans are as misguided as he was.
    Yeah? He was right how? And how the fvck would you know? Seriously, you were born in 1997.. why am I not surprised? *prepares for upvotes*
    ^ No.
    Born in 2031.. why am I not surprised? *prepares for even more upvotes*
    You're being pretty annoying.. why am I not surprised? Because you did the same thing twice.
    You on the other hand show great skills at imitating. Go play some more "Highway to Hell". I knew before looking at your profile that you had a Epiphone LP. So original. Ok I'm bitter. I will stop now.
    Why the **** would anybody like music more because the singer is dead? That's really nonsense.. I mean, I would still love them if he hadn't died.
    My thought. Sex pistols. Less albums than winehouse but sparked a musical revolution that redefined music. Thus they are icons, specifically lydon as he was the instigator of it. You cannot discount someone who has had little material as an icon because it is quality over quantity, if in the little material they have produced they have done more for music than then entire kiss catalogue over their decades of performing, then they are indeed an icon.
    If they were unpopular before they died young, no one would have cared. Yes, dying young freezes that person at the height of their career and makes it easier for them to be seen as an icon, but they still have to make an impact while they're alive in order to make an impact when they die.
    That's not necessarily true. Artists like Nick Drake and Chris Bell were relatively under the radar when they were alive but their music has been growing in popularity as the decades go by. It's not always so black and white to say the least.
    Kiss had to put on make up and costumes to make an impression. Nirvana only had to play their music. Kurt Cobain will always be an icon whether Gene Simmons likes it or not.
    Jimi Hendrix released 3 albums before he died. Sex Pistols only released one album as did Jeff Buckley. Robert Johnson only recorded some 30 songs. Sublime had three albums. Notorious B.I.G. has two. Buddy Holly had three. But he is right, it is better to have 20 really mediocre albums and be around for 30 years than to actually put out good music and be remembered for it.
    Because they felt sympathetic he killed himself and interpreted his nonsense lyrics as some deep metaphor to his soul or some shit like that. That's why. I disagree with the style of thinking, but I'd be stupid to claim it didn't happen. Nirvana sold more music after Kurt died. On Taylor's short interview, he obviously didn't care lol. Just goes to show how much Gene's opinion actually matters. Hint; not much.
    Well.. honestly it makes sense they would sell more music in the 20 years after his death than in the 4 years they were in spotlight.