Foo Fighters Help Launch New Apple Lineup

The iPhone 5 and a range of new iPods were revealed by Apple last night, and the Foo Fighters were on hand to close the show with an special unplugged set.

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The Foo Fighters were on hand to help Apple launch its new range of iPods with an exclusive unplugged performance last night.

Apple also revealed the new iPhone 5 and a fully-revised version of iTunes at the event.

"One of the incredible things about being here is that you're meeting people who are shaping our future," said Dave Grohl between songs. "And just like Little Richard, Tom Petty, Jimmy Page, these are just people who took it upon themselves to change our future, but you meet them and they're people! And this one's dedicated to all those people."

The iPhone 5 now features a 4-inch screen and blazingly-fast new A6 processor. Some observers believe the larger screen is simply a means to catch up with competing products from Samsung, but a stunning demo of "Real Racing" from EA proved the phone is pretty much on-par with proper gaming consoles.

For years iTunes has been getting messy with the addition of new types of media and device support, but has finally cleared away the clutter for a simple and better-performing interface.

The full range of iPods has been updated, notably the iPod Touch and Nano. Each now includes a new dock connector, so if you own a speaker dock and plan to get a new iPod or iPhone, you'll need a special dock converter to use it.

Watch the Foo Fighters play at the Apple event in this video:

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What do you think of the new range of iOS devices? Will you buy one? If not, why? Let us know in the comments.

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    "EA proved the phone is pretty much on-par with proper gaming consoles." MY ASS
    It's EA, though. They're the Apple of the gaming industry. At least I can rest assured that the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone ever made. I mean, wouldn't it be silly to work up all of this hype then say that the phone sucks? Isn't marketing so wonderful?
    This is just an Apple advertisement...
    ...and that high-pitched whirring sound you hear is Kurt Cobain spinning in his grave because Nirvanas' drummer is supporting this.
    My Last Words
    ''And just unlike Little Richard, Tom Petty, Jimmy Page, these are just people who took it upon themselves to empty our pockets,'' Fixed.
    Yea, buy this, and next year they'll have another new ****ing phone and 50 new ****ing iPods.
    Yeah. I like apple stuff but I've still got the 3GS iPhone I bought for 50 bucks and the ipod video I got for my thirteenth birthday. (I'm 20)
    Yea it sucks.. but that's the way of technology or with anything else... but everyone needs a job and everything needs to keep on improving thus new releases of new phones.
    Never liked Apple, and its pretty pathetic how people always feel like they have to buy the newest one each freaking year. (Iphone, Ipad and Ipod)
    I find it odd that everyone simply assumes that because they refresh the products every year, every single apple fan goes and buys the newest one. I've had the same iPod for the better part of a decade, only changed iPhones because I switched carriers, and only intend to buy this next phone because my upgrade timeline happened to line up with its release. Don't be an ***** and assume that every fan of apple products is tossing last year's model to get the next big thing.
    "All you know about me is what I've sold you, Dumb ****. I sold out long before you ever heard my name. I sold my soul to make a record, Dip****, And you bought one. All you read and Wear or see and Hear on TV Is a product Begging for your Fatass dirty Dollar So, shut up and Buy my new record Send more money" -Maynard James Keenan
    Why did I already thought that this was a Tool song before I saw "Maynard James Keenan" at the end? Probably because of the mediocrity...
    Aw c'mon man don't hate on Tool. That said I agree with your previous statements.
    HUUR DUURZ DEY BE SELLINGZ OUT! So what if a musician wants to earn some extra cash? As long as it does not get in the way of his main career as a musician... With that said, to me the Apple products are way too overrated and overpriced to death. I bought iPhone 3 some time ago and found that 80% of its functions are just plain useless.
    My Last Words
    So what if a musician wants to earn some extra cash? Maybe because they are bulking with it already =\
    So? What, because they already have money, they shouldn't want more of it? That's rather silly.
    This. Is it wrong that they want more money?
    Kind of. Does a person really NEED millions of dollars?
    No, but it still does not make it WRONG. They want millions of dollars, they can get it, it's their right. Why refuse? Besides, if we take everything that we don't "really NEED" out of our lives, we probably won't be around a computer too much...
    I asumme u are a musician, as a lot of users here. If thats the case u should know that making money with music is not something easy, and less with pirating. So if i was in a huge band and i had the oportunity to play in every gig they ask me to, i would go and play.
    sellout? Because they played at a thing for Apple? That's funny. I don't see where it says in the article that they were getting a whole bunch of money for this. Has anyone EVER thought that musicians do things because they want to?
    Dave Grohl already has what? $300 million i wanna say without looking. because of that i don't think this was a sellout. i think it was just, "hey this would be cool, we promote apple and at the same time get our music out to some new people". plus apple is huge, not that the Foos arn't, but to be the artist along side with that huge company makes the image of the Foos big. maybe all im spouting is bullshit, but thats what my best guess is.
    You definitely get your music out to new people by playing corporate gigs. I'm not judging the FF though, they probably got a sick amount of cash for this.
    im pretty sure ug said a couple weeks ago hes worth about 20 million or so. and its a nice little performance so whatever
    The thing I love about Apple is how they're supposed to sell music related products yet their store is the highest priced, lowest quality format that can't even be played on any other brand of mp3 player... Wait, no I hate that.
    Also, I don't care how good a Macbook is, I'm not paying 1.5k for a laptop.
    Exactly, a custom built PC that cost the same as that mac will slaughter the macbook.
    Heres the deal, folks. You do a commercial - youre off the artistic roll call, forever. End of story. Okay? Youre another ***** at the captialist gang bang and if you do a commercial, theres a price on your head. Everything you say is suspect and every word that comes out of your mouth is now like a turd falling into my drink.
    A festival isn't a commercial. Bill Hicks would agree.
    Some are, these days. When every single element/area has massive corporate sponsorship, it's pretty much there to sell you stuff... Plus, yeah, Hicks was funny. Doesn't make him right about everything.
    dafuq? totally overpriced products, which aren't even innovative, even though that's what they claim to be, are supposed to shape our future? seems legit.
    I'm sure the Foo Fighters got paid a TON to do this but it kinda sucks. I'm so sick of Apple and SO sick of iPhones. It's creepy how obsessed some people are with them...
    Grohl is still the man imo, It's hard for me not to like him. Just wish he'd stay away from politics and stuff like this...
    I'm really REALLY surprised that with all the talk of rock's death or poor health these days that Apple chose a rock band over pop performers.
    1. If apple asked any of you to play, you'd all do it. 2. Just because your band grows, sells a lot of albums, and gets heard by millions doesn't make you a sell out. You're a sell out if you change your music to make it more popular. 3. If you don't think Apple products are decent, try and go without one in the music industry. And don't feed me some line of bull that people got around with out them before. It's 2012, Apple products make recording a lot easier. Fact. If you disagree than please keep your giant rant about how you make beats in your mom's basement to yourself.
    1. I agree. Most people always like to shout sell-out but would probably do so in an instant if offered the chance. I'd dare to say if it was a less praised band the comments would be trashing them. 2. Again, agreed. The only time selling out is bad is when music changes to fit an audience. Otherwise I don't see what's so bad about getting profit and exposure. 3. I do believe Apple can sometimes be too blindly hated on (I don't like their stuff but I won't hate a person if tehy do). And I guess it's more of a question than comment, but how does Apple make recording easier? I know they've made great software like Logic but as far as I know their contributions to recording have been more adding quality than revolutionizing.
    The fact that they performed at the event itself is not that bad, but it sounds like Apple was getting sucked off in between songs. Also the giant Apple logo in the background kind of bothered me.
    Not saying that they're selling out, because they're not. But I very much suspect that if some other less-likable and respectable band would do that, the opinions on this website would be a little shifted.
    I like Foo Fighters music but I do not like the Foo Fighters after this and them dedicating My hero to Obama
    Well if they dedicated it to Romney, they would never sell another album...
    So, you're now going to go through your entire music collection, and throw out everything made by people who don't hold the exact same values and beliefs as you?
    No... not at all.I said "I like Foo Fighters music but I do not like the Foo Fighters" what I meant is I like there music but I don't like them as people. I never let the musician's personal opinion decide whether I like there music or not.
    Ok, but how does not liking them as people manifest itself? If you're still going to buy their albums and listen to their music, it doesn't really seem to matter.
    When did it become "wrong" for a band to make money? Any article about file sharing has a #$!T ton of people defending stealing music, and the bands don't "need" all that money, so all that is left is performance and they can't perform at certain gigs (even if they ARE Apple fans to start with). Next people will be complaining that T shirts cost too much. Moochers!
    Guy's remember that Dave loves to do shows, I bet he is overly excited that he now has the chance to have his vote in the line-up! I don't think they are selling out, I think they are just helping us who actually don't care that Apple hosts an concert with free streaming... All I care about is having the opportunity to watch awesome bands such as Foo Fighters live on live-stream! I am very glad I watched their last show on the Itunes festival... I'll never forget when Dave yelled at that guy who tried to put up a fight
    Jesus you people are fickle. They are sell outs because they are playing a Apple-sponsored gig? Even though they have played at sponsored events before? Hell most arena tours have a sponsor. What makes this such a big deal? For ****s sake its not like the next album will have Apple commercial breaks. You people seriously need to learn what the term "sell out" means before you throw it around. An example of selling out would be Katy Perry, who was previously a gospel singer, going from gospel to whatever the hell you call what she does now because her label wanted her too. THIS ISNT SELLING OUT
    They like money. Everybody likes money Where's the problem? They play in garages, on big stages and for apple. As long as the music is good, everything is cool, isn't it? Sry, for that fu--ed up english
    Listen, all you "oh they're sellouts"... yes. they are. BUT they're also kickass. Do you know of a band this big that will play your garage? drink beer from your mini-fridge? small talk with your mom while brewing a fresh pot in your kitchen?
    I adore the Foo's..but the Led Zeppelin announcement of the O2 DVD and theater screenings is not front and center news WHY?!
    How quickly some of you turn. This is the band that made their latest record in Dave's house/garage, and went and toured it in the garages of their fans. Then they play a corporate gig and the cries of "OMG SELLOUTS" come up!? Seriously, get a life.
    I got the same feeling seeing this as when i saw what Wasting Light was recorded in. "we are recording in a garage like real rock'n'roll should be!". Dave, we saw back and forth, it was a ****ing palace
    It sucks to be an apple fan, and not be a part of the mass hypnosis that is apple fandom. I still have a 3GS and an old Macbook because every phone/macbook after looks stupid to me, and despite the "cool new features" and "performance enhancing chips," there's really no difference between them beyond their price tag. The day apple finally comes up with something new and exciting again, or the day my phone and laptop become completely obsolete due to apple's cannibalization marketing will be the day I update my apple tech.
    You're right, man. I got a iphone 4 only because I smashed my 3gs. It's the same phone. I bought a Mac back when OSX came out because it was new/different and just better than windows. Now it just seems to be all the same...and retardedly overpriced.
    Im a little far behind with technology... Im happy with my nokia 3310 haha xD. I have no need for apps/maps even txt's. A phone is for one thing only in my eyes.
    Kinda disappointed that the Foos are supporting Apple, but I like them enough to get over it.
    It's funny how people are justifying Grohl for playing an Apple gig, like "He already has money, and maybe he just wants the extra exposure." Would it be so wrong for a lesser known band to play for the money and exposure? I don't see what the big deal is. But I still prefer PCs.
    lol if anyone but dave did this everyone would hate him....but he apperenty cant "sell out"...
    When has trying to make money become a bad thing? That said I don't like Apple's way of doing business. Suing the competition out of business is just business. Making all of your products in a sweatshop in China where people who work there aren't even allowed to talk to each other is a whole other sack of potatoes.
    As long as their music stays true to themselves they can do whatever they want