Foo Fighters: 'MTV Awards Don't Mean Sh-t'

Drummer Taylor Hawkins disses VMAs, as Jared Leto claims rock deserves a place on MTV.

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Drummer Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters recently gave MTV Awards a mild bashing, saying that although they are nice as a recognition, VMAs essentially "don't f--king mean sh-t."

"I make my living playing rock 'n' roll, I'm not going to complain about it," Hawkins briefly told TMZ. "Who cares, those awards are nice but they don't f--ing mean sh-t, it doesn't matter."

In a separate Huffington Post interview, 30 Seconds to Mars fronman Jared Leto discussed the band's latest Best Rock Video award at this year's VMA, pointing out the importance of including rock music on MTV. Interestingly enough, the acceptance wasn't even aired during the broadcast.

"Rock music deserves a place there," Leto said. "I don't think people will be bored by it. But we live in a world right now that seems to want to be anesthetized, that seems to want to just feel one thing. It's this slight sedation."

Other rock figures who touched on the matter of this years VMA include Dave Grohl and his response to "rock is dead" comments, as well as Queens of the Stone Age and their announcement of twerk-free show in New York, a clear jab at Miley Cyrus' performance.

Should rock music get more MTV coverage? Let us know in the comments.

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    Jacques Nel
    MTV in itself means SH!T. Every year, same crap being forced upon the viewers. I haven't been able to watch MTV in years. Biggest load of crap.
    well no kidding. Take MTV, a media outlet that used to be specifically devoted to music, and before the internet became very closely linked with popular culture. Now it portrays teen pregnancy and proselytizes stupid, and this is either a reflection of our society at large or what we allow ourselves to be subjected to. its sad from a musicians stand point but its scary as a cognizant member of society
    The thing is, being a cognizant member of society won't create any profits for big ass corporations (like crackdonald's or the dreaded MIC). However, dumbasses with little to no education and cognizant abilities make for great minimum wage slaves.
    Jacques Nel
    On a much simpler level, I used to enjoy Beavis and Butthead watching rock videos and making fun of weird pop crap, now they watch 16 and pregnant ??? WTF
    thats because there are no videos on MTV anymore for them to poke fun at..MTV doesnt play videos
    And next in todays news, Axl Rose has announced that there will never be a Guns n Roses reunion and scientists have deduced that the sky is blue.
    Yea you just totally ****ed it up, this has nothing to do with the article, on the other hand good article UG
    god forbid mainstream media show a little diversity and give their viewers/listeners more than one style to digest
    Na. i believe rock is better without the attention of the mainstream If MTV broadcasted rock 24/7, idiots like Justin bieber or nicki minaj, would be doing the same that they are currently doing to their respective genres, but to rock music. i think we are better this way
    I also think it's good that bands dont get too much mainstream attention. The second an artist gets major attention, their genre becomes watered down with artists mimicking them, to cash in on what they accomplished.
    I can agree with some of this. MTV can keep the pop/R&B/Rap aspect. Rock needs their own outlet, besides 3 videos at 3 am.
    Nobody in the social arena wants to set trends anymore, they just want to follow them. Thats the problem we've got nowadays
    If you want to watch videos just go to youtube, plug in one band you like and you can spend all night listening to stuff you never heard of. I have found so many good bands just trolling the videos. I wa around when MTV first started, it had some good stuff but mostly it was culture club, cyndi lauper,men at work, and madonna. it was better back then but for the most part it still was corporate suckiness.
    Unless headbanger's ball spinning Godflesh and King Diamond joints.
    At this point, Id be content with MTV completely ignoring rock n roll because it would just make ME angry if they suddenly went back to playing decent music, let alone music at all. Over the last several years, because of the recent influx in popularity of hip hop, country, and unbearably shitty pop, Ive come to feel that rock n roll belongs to ME and all like-minded people, and I like that feeling now. Being a fan of REAL music created by REAL musicians playing their own instruments is as good as it gets when it comes to being a fan of music.
    I'm a huge metalhead, and I also enjoy hip hop like a motha****ka. Hell, a lot of rappers and producers enjoy rock and metal outfits. Are you REALLY a fan of MUSIC, or are you just a fan of what YOU like?
    well technically, everyone is just a fan of music "they like" no matter how diverse the person's taste is.
    Honestly, both of these genres are a general representation of people who could be asked the same question.
    "Rock music deserves a place there" -Jared Leto, singer from "30 Seconds from Rock to Electronic"
    To be fair, for once I actually approve of something Jared Leto has said... that's gotta be something positive
    I can't be the only one who liked Jared Leto in American Psycho. Great murder scene with him and Christian Bale.
    The VMA awards have always meant s***. Even when MTV played rock music, it was only because it was viable to the network. MTV hasn't changed - the way of making money has.
    MTV still plays music videos, only at like 3 in the damn morning...even then they suck. The only way I can watch music videos is on VH1 Classic.
    I'm not gonna lie, being able to remember when MTV actually played (good) music and there was no such thing as "reality" television makes me feel pretty old hahaha
    Rock Music sick of auto tune and doosh doosh doosh. shit,dont even need instruments for pop/hip hop.
    Rap and pop are No Talent Required genres. Can't play an instrument? Don't worry, we have someone behind you working the beat. Can't sing? Don't worry, autotune can fix that. Can't preform? It's all good, you can lip sync the whole thing, just dance a lot to "justify" it. All that matters is if you are marketable
    Ever heard bone thugs n harmony going at it a Capella? Sure, takes no talent to get 5 guys singing in harmony. Do you even Motown bro?
    Yippie yay, I love generalizations! Do it again! You do know that the concept of music completely overthrows the need of knowing how to play any chords on a guitar, right? Besides, rapping IS a way of singing. Y'know, singing is not only about holding a falsetto for 5 minutes and dropping dead in consequence.
    although VMA is retarded, the foo fighters have huge blown-up egos. at lowlands 2012 dave let the band introduce himself as the most important musician of our time! i was like calm your t*ts down mate
    I highly doubt, and very highly, that Dave actually thinks that, he's as humble as can be. It was prob a joke that went over your head.
    The last time I saw anything close to rock on MTV was Killswitch Engage's cover of Holy Diver in 2008. That was the last time I saw a music video on MTV. Although I would like to see music videos played, that isn't even in question. I don't even understand how they can have numerous channels with no connection to music. I will say however, Ridiculousness is freaking hilarious!!!
    Turn Caps Lock off.
    wait, this article credits the quote to foo fighters, when actually taylor hawkins himself said it in passing. dave grohl said several other things about the mtv awards already, so is taylor hawkins really the spokesman for foo fighters as supposed to grohl?
    The only thing MTV has to do with music is the M in its name. They should make it the "Video of the biggest nut job on a realit show award".
    The irony is that Jared leto talks about the importance of including rock music on MTV when his band won the award... and after their latest album (you can hate on me if you want) which was mainstrem-all-about-the-money-piece-of-s**t, and after their latest video (aka closer to the edge part 2), he is the last guy eligible of talking about rock music on MTV.