Foo Fighters New Album Cover Revealed?

Meanwhile, the band promised to make a major announcement this Monday.

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The cover of the new Foo Fighters album may have been leaked ahead of the band's announcement next week, Hennemusic reports.

A possible cover for the band's eighth album surfaced on Reddit; it features images of all 8 cities the group recorded in, complete with a number 8 in the center of the frame.

The group have been posting various location coordinates on their social media accounts, and fans have been compiling the information as it comes along.

The Foo Fighters recorded the project at studios in Chicago, Washington, New York, New Orleans, Nashville, Seattle, Austin and Hollywood.

The band will make a major announcement on Monday that is expected to include details regarding the new album and a tour.

But now ... what fo you guys think? Could it be new Foos record cover art?

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    How awful would it be to find out that album will be titled "8"?
    I was just counting how many albums they had in the back of my head 1. Foo Fighters 2. CATS 3. TINLTL 4. One by One 5. In Your Honor 6. ESP&G 7. Wasting Light .... F--k
    You have 8 upvotes right now, and your name is in 8 characters - This is clearly a Grohverment conspiracy!
    this looks more like sim city than rock music. whatever, we'll get used to it anyway.
    "But now ... what fo you guys think?" Really?
    tell me you never make a typing mistake?
    He's not a ****ing journalist though, is he? Paid or unpaid, if you write a news article that's going to be displayed on the front page of a website viewed by thousands of people every day, you proofread before you post. Yeah, it takes an extra 30 seconds but it does make you look like a professional writer instead of a lazy amateur with only a basic grasp of the English language.
    It's pretty embarrassing. UG is a great source for rock news and I love the website, but there needs to be more pride taken in the writing quality. It doesn't take much to correct for errors such as "fo."
    concept is fitting, dont think the quality that it was done in is "amazing"
    personally I don't give a flying shit about the album art. The music is what matters when it comes to, you know, an album.
    Completely disagree ehbacon, it obviously doesn't make or break the album but it definitely adds to the character of it, And makes the album itself unique and recognisable(if it's worth recognising). Album art is like a cars paint; thoroughly nonessential and generally nothing specially, but it makes you fall in love on first sight. be it a shite yellow paint job to an incredible red gloss to racing stripes on a beat up volvo. It's an indispensable layer of character that represents everything about the album, and I'm very grateful that many bands care as much about album art as I do All that being said, this is a pretty cool one!
    I like it too. I'm not a huge fan of The Foo Fighters, but the cover looks good. I had a similar idea for my band's album but we went with something else.
    Nero Galon
    True. Was over at The Gaslight Anthem's unofficial forum and quite a lot of people were complaining about the album solely because of the album art for 'Get Hurt', even before they released any songs.
    What do you see when you read or hear the words 'Dark side of the moon'?
    Looks more like a tour poster to me, but its an ok album cover, just not very Foo Fighters-y. Doesn't make a bit of difference to me to be honest, just so long as the tracks are cool. Unlike some bands I don't think the artwork is as critical to the Foo's.
    Looks like some of the cheesy inside-the-album art you would find in a Dream Theater record...
    What an odd mood towards these comments. If you're nicely upvoted, I probably downvoted you. If you're downvoted to sh-t, I've got your back.
    Whelp, Foo Fighters just posted this to their YouTube-channel. I thought I'd share:
    THAT was a ****ing bad-ass scream.
    It's a mundane idea suitable for a mundane band.
    If the music reflects the eight cities they recorded in, then the album cover works. But if it doesn't, then I don't find it interesting. Many artists and bands have recorded music in different cities when they have had busy schedules and contract obligations.
    I'm sure I read that they were getting musicians from each city they record in to contribute in someway. I might have made that up though. If so, that's my idea for my next concept album. None of you f*ckers better steal it!
    The Foo Fighters have to stop obsessing HOW they recorded this album. Not once have I heard any of them say how good it sounds
    Do they need to? I'm pretty sure anyone who likes the Foo Fighters are going to enjoy anything they put out. They just have that reputation.
    ooo you traveled different places and played music sOoOoOoO like edgy and unheard of, such an outlandish idea, I can't believe no one else thought of that, original as original can be, what will Grohl think of next? Will he go to the moon and record in the rocketship?
    "Any headline that ends in a question can be answered with the word "no"". ~Betteridge's Law. We'll see how my prediction holds out for now.
    Hope the music lives up to it's expectation! All this hype, it would be a great disappointment if the new music is shit!
    If they don't use the blood-covered guitar in some fashion, I will be disappointed.
    Wish they did Detroit, but I'm biased for that. Plenty of good music history