Foo Fighters Play Surprise, Career-Spanning Set in Washington

Dave Grohl and co play secret set at city's 9.30 Club.

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Foo Fighters played an epic, career-spanning secret show in Washington DC on May 5.

As Spin reports (via NME), Dave Grohl and his bandmates were at the city's 9.30 Club to play the surprise gig. Their show, which had been billed as "special guests," saw them draw upon their extensive back-catalogue for a 17-song set including tracks such as "Times Like These," "My Hero" and "Learn to Fly."

The band were there to pay tribute to the band Trouble Funk as well as the 9.30 Club itself. Grohl, who previously revealed he had been to hundreds of gigs at the venue and that it had "changed" his life, attended to emcee Trouble Funk member Big Tony Fischer's birthday and also performed as part of a one-night-only supergroup Don't Need It's with members of Bad Brains and Scream.

According to reports, however, he then returned to the stage to play a two-hour gig. The setlist was as follows:

01. Times Like These
02. White Limo
03. My Hero
04. Learn to Fly
05. Rope
06. Arlandria
07. Generator
08. These Days
09. Cold Day in the Sun
10. Monkey Wrench
11. Best of You
12. This Is a Call
13. All My Life
14. Aurora
15. Dear Rosemary16. Skin and Bones17. Everlong

Last month, Foo Fighters shared pictures of the recording sessions for their new album. According to producer Butch Vig, the LP is "almost halfway done" and will see the band experimenting with some challenging recording techniques to keep everyone focused.

The band revealed in January that sessions for their new album were "f--king on" by posting a picture of a row of master tapes labelled "Foo Fighters LP 8" to their official Instagram. Speaking to BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe, Grohl said: "I know what it sounds like and I honestly think the entire concept is really going to take people by surprise and it sounds nuts."

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    They sure seem to play a lot of surprise concerts these days don't they?
    I can imagine the fun it is to play a surprise concert. The energy must be amazing.
    It's only a matter of time before they go on a surprise tour.
    Don't announce any dates/locations, and make people go to every "surprise-guest"-show they can? I can dig that plan! It promotes local-bands, and the Foos still put on some kick-ass, yet more intimate shows!
    in September 2002, in Sydney, i went to watch Foo's play '2 songs' for a tv show thing. Didn't cost anything to go. They expected only a couple hundred people, about 4 ****ing thousand people show up! instead they played for about 2 hours! Was awesome!
    Oh hey, look! Dave Grohl's done something awesome again!
    Yea like playing rock songs with no guitar solos...awesome....
    First, FF have guitar solos. Second, guitar solos are not necessary at all.
    Yes of course guitar solos are not necessary at all in rock bands for teenagers. You're totally right! +1 for you.
    Soloing isn't really something new. I'd much prefer guitarists who use interesting chords and riffs, and have a unique sound to a generic shredder.
    Look, kids! Musical purists in their natural habitat. Don't feed them with common sense, otherwise they'll attack you.
    crazysam23_Atax order to be a "good" rock song, according to you (GALGOPOWER)...there needs to be a guitar solo? I guess we can rule out 50% of the rock bands from the '60s and '70s and most Punk bands and most of the bands from the '90s. GALGOPOWER says none of those bands are good!
    Look, people playing rapid three note descending patterns! The music must be good!
    unclebluck go listen to some A7X and cut yourself
    Sooo... Because he prefers songs with guitar solos means he listens to A7X and cuts himself? Great logic, classy young sir.
    You got a purdy set list there, Dave.
    Motherf***ing Aurora, dude. AURORA! They need to play that song more often.
    Saw them on the There Is Nothing Left To Lose tour in 2000 and they opened with it. Worked surprising well as a set opener and made the explosion of This Is A Call even better when they burst into it straight after.
    THEY PLAYED AURORA!?! thats my favorite song and I still haven't heard it live
    "I just kinda died for you, you just kinda stared at me..." Man. That song got me through my first college breakup.
    Meh. Years ago. Funny how long ago it seems and all that's changed. Part of growing up. I was just reminiscing.
    Haha...let that be a lesson dangerzone never express real life feelings on this site
    Seriously, that has to have been one of the more dick-ish responses I've ever seen to anything on the internet. You're fine Dangerzone.
    Really? That's not even remotely dick-ish, by internet standards.
    It was a joke. Jesus h christ... people have thin skin. You're more of a pussy if you were hurt by my joke than the guy who's still crying about his college girlfriend who blew Dave Grohl backstage at a Foo Fighters show he took her too, or whatever his sob story was.
    Thing is bro, that wasn't remotely funny, witty, humourous, sarcastic or indeed ironic. Jokes are meant to be one or all of the above... What you did was make yourself look like a mong
    Thing is bro, I didn't know you were a Ph.D Philosophy, specializing in categorical wit and satire. Please, define humor for me, you wizard, you genius, so I can further confirm to your standards since you clearly have a firmer grasp on all abstract concepts than anyone else. Whatever a mong is the only thing that looks like it is an empty profile on a tabloid (pun intended) website. You have no idea what I look like.
    This looks like a pretty regular setlist for them. They always seem to play for about two hours so delving into their past is kind of common.
    Imagine you seat comfortably in a club, awaiting a good evening of music to begin, and then, all of a sudden, f** Foo Fighters come out from nowhere and plays in front of you for 2 hours. Think I'd die, resurrect, die again, and be happy-
    I wish more bands would do this! Randomly showing up and playing a gig is such a cool idea
    I don't think the setlist deserved to be called "career spanning"...granted yes it took in songs from most of their albums but you would hear almost all of them on a standard gig
    Yeah, more songs from the 1st two albums would be 'career spanning' like; Alone + Easy Target, For All The Cows, Floaty, Hey, Johnny Park!, My Poor Brain + Wind up..Etc...
    The setlist is also missing The Pretender and Walk. :p
    Yeah, but when you're in a band with the long-term success FF have had, you either make a setlist of just the hits/singles (which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing), or cut some out to make room for deeper cuts (which isn't necessarily bad, either).
    Oh yeah. I was just saying the setlist itself. They also played The Pretender and Walk. Not advocating singles, I'm just ecstatic that they played Aurora and Generator.