Foo Fighters to Headline Glastonbury 2014?

Grohl's band alongside with Kasabian, Oasis, Daft Punk and Davie Bowie are bookers favourties to rock the Pyramid Stage next year.

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Foo Fighters and Kasabian are early favourites to headline Glastonbury 2014, with Oasis an outside bet according to bookmakers, NME reports.

A spokesperson for bookmakers William Hill announced that both Kasabian, who last played the festival in 2009, and Foo Fighters, last seen at Glastonbury in 1998, have odds of 6/1 to top the bill in 2014. Both acts are believed to be releasing new albums next year and bookmakers are confident of seeing them appear on the Pyramid Stage. Other bands and artists tipped to follow this year's headliners include Noel Gallagher, the Stone Roses, Prince, Daft Punk and David Bowie.

With odds of 25/1, Oasis are also in the running. Liam Gallagher recently said that he'd be interested in reforming the band in 2014 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album, "Definitely Maybe."

"Kasabian and the Foo Fighters are festival royalty and with some new material potentially in the offing, they are always going to be in the forefront of the Glasto thinking next year," said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. "Although with Sabbath (25/1) reforming and scaling the charts with their new release and a potential Oasis (25/1) anniversary in the offing, there is a little bit of outside value to be found in the market."

Is it possible for Grohl's band to rock Glastonbury next year? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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    ...a Foo Fighters Tour would be way better!
    Yep saw the food live a few y Ears back and blew me away.
    STOP mentioning the bands like Zeppelin, Oasis, and Bowie that AREN'T going to do it. It's just trying to build hype that will ultimately disappoint.
    They'll be way better than the acts from this year. Bring back the rock and kick out the pop Glastonbury...
    they should give other bands a chance to headline glastonbury,these bands are already huge
    The Funkshake
    Huge bands are exactly what I'd want to see as headliners. They've earned that right in my eyes. Foo Fighters would be a great choice.
    A headliner has to be huge. They're supposed to be the major selling point of the festival. If a band like The Trouble With Templeton headlined there would be a lot less people
    My problem with this festival is the way they advertise it as 'the best festival in the world' yet they only televise and commercialize this festival in the U.K and you barely hear a word about any of the others. Would be nice to see Download live on TV and not some crappy highlights that are on sky arts at stupid o clock in the morning.
    Would be solid - can't see Sabbath doing it. The ideal for me would be Arcade Fire, Daft Punk and Led Zeppelin.
    I feel that there's more of a chance of Sabbath playing than Zepp
    There's more of a chance of Hendrix playing than Zepp
    Obviously they're more likely to be playing things, and Led Zep is rather idealistic but I think Sabbath might be too heavy to be a Glastonbury headliner. Not sure they've ever booked a metal band in their 43-year history. I'd certainly like to see it though!
    Hope the Foos don't do it. Glasto is for hipsters who think they're cool for going there. Rather see them do Download.
    You can't have been. I can confirm that this is completely and utterly wrong. 250,000 people including workers and about the most diverse festival crowd I've ever seen. All ages, all backgrounds - hippies, middle classers, workers, hipsters, punks, metalheads...
    Glasto is one of the most popular festivals out there. There's going to be all kinds of people at events that big.
    Glastonbury used to be a rock festival. It makes sense that Foo Fighters play there. But since it's become more pop, how many proper rock bands would be popular among the crowds? And I'm not referring to bands like Primal Scream or w/e (nothing against Primal Scream btw, I just don't feel that they should play in rock festivals).