Foo Fighters to Play Massive Comeback Show in December

The National will support Dave Grohl and co in Mexico.

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Foo Fighters are to play their first gig in a year in Mexico in December, supported by the National. Dave Grohl and co will perform in Mexico for the first time ever, with brooding indie rock outfit the National acting as support. The bands will play Mexico City's 55,000 capacity Foro Sol stadium on 13 December, 2013. Naturally, one can only assume that UK dates will follow either shortly after or in the new year. Grohl, told XFM in August he has finished writing the follow up to 2011's "Wasting Light," also revealing to expect big things from the band in 2014, saying: "I think next year is going to be a really big year for the Foo Fighters without question." Are you excited? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Twitter post had this as a "comeback" concert. Why? Just because it's been a "year"? I don't get it. Foo's aren't coming back, they've always been there. I'm just sayin'...
    Yeah, it's not like they were having issues or anything. It was just a hiatus, and the Sound City shows were practically "Foo Fighters + special guests."
    "Naturally, one can only assume that UK dates will follow either shortly after or in the new year." Why the UK? I would say maybe the U.S. but I figured they would release their new album first before embarking on a tour.
    Wonder if they will play any new songs? In a previous Foos-article, someone brought up the idea of a totally-live album, with all-new songs recorded for the first time at a live venue. If they actually do that, maybe this is it?
    They said they were going to record the new cd in a way that has never been done before... and plenty of bands have recorded studio albums live.. starting with the Grateful Dead I'm pretty sure. It would be a cool thing for them to do though, I love the live renditions of their songs. Theres more kick to 'em.
    My theory for why live albums sounnd better is the level of adrenaline that a live-audience at a rock show can bring to the table. No studio-setting can ever match that.
    Don't call it a comeback... They've been here for years.