Footage of 16-Year-Old Mike Patton Performing Maiden and Priest Covers Surfaces Online

artist: Faith No More date: 09/10/2013 category: general music news

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Footage of 16-Year-Old Mike Patton Performing Maiden and Priest Covers Surfaces Online
Footage that can only be described as precious, showing Faith No More frontman Mike Patton and Mr. Bungle bassist Trevor Dunn charging through rock classics in their teens recently surfaced online, making music fans feel warm around the heart.

The clips show 16-year-old Patton dressed in leather and chains performing such all-time hits as "Detroit Rock City," "You've Got Another Thing Coming" or "Flight of Icarus" at Eureka High's talent night. As Metal Sucks reports, the band's name was Gemini and the year was 1984.

Seeing youngsters performing guitar-heavy classics and imitating their heroes is always a great sight to see, but the fact that some of these guys actually became rock icons makes the footage all the more special. As the clips clearly show, the crowd went wild from the very start, while other covers include Quiet Riot's "Metal Health," "Burning Heart" by Vandenberg, Motley Crue's "Ten Seconds to Love" and "I Believe in You" by Y&T. Check out all seven covers and intro video below.

So just how awesome is this? Let us know what you think about Patton's teenage performance in the comments.
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