Former !!! Drummer Mike Gius Dies

artist: !!! date: 01/09/2006 category: music news

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Former !!! drummer Anthony Mikel Gius has died from injuries sustained in a round traffic accident police in California, police have confirmed. Gius died on Decmber 17 while riding his bike, he was struck by a motorist who failed to see him crossing lanes. He was thrown onto the cars windscreen and died from his injuries. He was a founding member of !!! and also played in bands such as The Yah Mos and The Popesmashers. !!! guitarist Mario Andreoni wrote on the bands official website of the news: "I met him when I was 8 after a mutual friend told me I 'had to meet the other guy in the neighbourhood with more Kiss posters than you'. We quickly became best friends and went on to share the most significant times of our lives vacations, puberty, crushes, loves, mixtapes, illicit activities, dancing, air guitar/drums, actual guitar/drums, bands, US tours. Talking about Gius' musical talents he said: He was a straight prodigy on the drums; we played "tom sawyer" and "for whom the bell tolls" from start to finish the first day he got them...spoiled me for life. He had a unique, occasionally overwhelming style that coincided with the way he lived his life. No matter what you thought of him, he made bands, some ordinary, some not so, worth paying attention to. He finished by saying: We grew apart as our passions led us down different paths. I still love him like a brother and miss him terribly. Thanks for the info to
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