Former AC/DC Bassist Dies

Neil Smith lost his battle with cancer at the age of 60.

Ultimate Guitar

Former AC/DC and Rose Tattoo bassist Neil Smith has died after a battle with cancer. Smith was in AC/DC in 1974, prior to the release of their 1975 debut album "High Voltage," Ultimate Classic Rock reports.

In a message posted on the Australian musician's official Facebook page (as reported by NineMSN), Smith's family revealed the sad news and paid tribute to him.

"Neil Smith passed away in the early hours of the morning, Sunday the 7th of April 2013. He was sleeping peacefully and surrounded by family. Neil is now in peace and is no longer battling with cancer. There is not a person out there who has met him and not felt like their lives were better for the experience. He was a loving and devoted father, a loyal friend and all round generous person. He was larger than life, and his passing will be felt."

They went on to thank his friends and loved ones for helping Smith face his cancer battle: "Thanks to all his friends for their support and love, especially during the final stages of his life."

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    I'm not sure whether you're supposed to like or dislike the article
    Sammy Mantis
    You "like" it for his passing being reported and acknowledged. Why does no one seem to understand this concept? I think it goes without saying that no one with a modicum of decency would cheer the fact that he died.
    You dislike the article when you dislike the whole news (artist's death, collaboration with pop-singer, new album by the band you don't like etc). That's the concept.
    UG should change the button for facebook from like to share :/ i wanted to share this with friends on facebook but it's weird that i liked it.
    I'm not big on AC/DC, but cancer sucks. At least it was in his sleep and he doesn't have to go through it anymore though.
    King Bluesy
    R.I.P but he was only a member of AC/DC for a few seconds. No offense to him but he shouldn't be brought up in the AC/DC name.