Former Against Me Drummer Jay Weinberg Rumored to Be Joining Slipknot

Bruce Springsteen drummer's son might be replacing Joey Jordison.

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An interesting, but not very well supported rumor has recently surfaced, claiming that former Against Me! drummer Jay Weinberg is joining Slipknot as a replacement for Joey Jordison.

Wolverine Kills spread the word, noting that Bruce Springsteen drummer Max Weinberg's son abruptly quit the band in January without a specific reason, notifying his bandmates only via Twitter.

The source points at the Property of Zach interview with singer Laura Jane Grace. Asked about Jay, she replied:

"To be honest, I have no idea. He never said a word. I just woke up one morning and read on Twitter that he was leaving the band. Never talked to him since."

The source article further reads, "It is interesting to know he left that band in 2012, before Joey Jordison was kicked out/parted ways with Slipknot. While we have no evidence to support this rumor we decided to pass it along as we think there is a good possibility this rumor will turn out to be true."

In all fairness, the odds of the rumor being true seem a bit slim at the moment, unless additional info linking Weinberg to Slipknot surfaces at some point. Stay tuned for more info.

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    a-hole. quitting the band via twitter before talking to the bandmates? that's f-d up.
    Oh, so you mean someone who isn't this guy OR the drummer for Decapitated? Easily the best auditions thus far.
    Can we cross-breed him with Meytal Cohen to create Ultramechadrumma! ?
    This dude is awesome. But as a drummer, memorizing is not the same as writing, and he needs to use his left foot!
    Hmmm... even though it's a rumour... this could be interesting. But what I don't get is, if this is true, why did they pick this guy (i'm sure he's capable of playing Slipknot tunes) when he's quite recently been in a band? Krimh has sent an audition video to them, he's available I don't think he's in a full on band at the moment, and, more importantly, he's bloody good. To be honest, no offence to Jay, but I hope this is false.
    Just checked out Krimh's audition and it's fúcking insane.
    "In all fairness, the odds of the rumor being true seem a bit slim at the moment" Yeah but let's make an article about it anyways!
    Jay is an awesome drummer, but recent bands wouldn't say much about his character.Doubt Slipknot would deal with his juvenile behavior.
    1) If he quit the band "in january", that would make it 2014 2) They say he left "in 2012 before Joey was kicked" 2.1 ) That doesn't match with Point 1 2.2 ) Joey was kicked/left in 2014 3) Even if this was in advance, why should they inform the new drummer prior to joey or the fans (so he leaves his band) 4) He's not even drumming that style as far as i can tell from the videos of against me
    He played drums in Madball and Against Me and both bands don't have great things to say about the guy so I kind of doubt it. Besides he's more of a Punk/Hardcore drummer.
    soooo the only evidence is that they both left their bands at some point??? terrible rumor with nothing to back it in my opinion.
    He has a High On Fire shirt on, so if he likes the mighty Des Kensel's drumming style he'll be fine.