Former and Current Nightwish Frontwomen Set to Perform a Duet

Meanwhile, Tarja's collaboration track with Within Temptation surfaces online.

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Former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen and the band's current vocalist Floor Jansen are officially scheduled to perform a duet at this year's Metal Female Voices Fest in October. The two singers personally made the announcement, with Tarja first naming some of her recent collaboration and then letting Floor do the talk. "Hey, this is Floor from Revamp and I will be singing a duet with no one less than Tarja Turunen at the Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium," Jansen said. "I'm really looking forward to sing with such a fantastic singer and a fantastic person. After so many years, our voices will be heard in one song together. I think it's gonna be awesome." The event is set to take place in Wieze, Belgium, from October 18 to 20, also featuring performances of Lacuna Coil, Leaves' Eyes, Visions of Atlantis and more. Speaking of Tarja's recent collaborations, Within Temptation recently posted a "Paradise (What About Us?)" video single featuring Turunen on vocals. The song itself comes as the title track of the group's latest EP album released on September 27 along with three demo tracks. You can check out the video below.

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

So what do you think of the duet and the new tune? Let us know in the comments.

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    Holopainen is going to lose his mind hahaha. I wouldn't be surprised, if he was offended beacause of this fact.
    She should do a duet with James Hetfield, the album could be called "Floor and Table" /mostpredictablejoke
    Within temptation finally going back to their harder stuff, I love this song and cant wait for the new album! best dutch band in a long time if you ask me!
    I like it for the opposite reason. It sounds like they're moving further away from their roots. But whatever, a good song is a good song.
    Hope she doesn't invite Floor to sing songs from her latest outputs, that would be a waste.
    Well, hope it's better then Tarja's collab with Within Temptation. Hate me all you want, but that song is about as generic as it gets.
    Whoa, wait a minute... Floor is Nightwish's singer now? What happened to Olzon?
    First Tarja and Sharon, now Floor and Tarja O_O This is truly the year of female fronted metal
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    Today I heard some Nightwish featuring Floor, for the first time actually. She's really good, much much better than Olzon, though she's just weak compared to Tarja. Nevertheless I hope this duet will work well!