Former Baroness Drummer Reveals Dance Project

artist: Baroness date: 10/03/2013 category: music news
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Former Baroness Drummer Reveals Dance Project
Former Baroness drummer Allen Blickle, who left the band after sustaining major injuries in a bus crash in 2012, has re-emerged with a new project alongside his ex-step brother Juston Nuckois called Alpaca.

But it doesn't sound quite how you'd expect.

Alpaca presents a strange new dance sound which sounds a million miles from Baroness' progressively minded metal sound, albeit with a rock-inspired twist. But then, given the dramatic end to his time in Baroness, perhaps it's no surprise that he's focussing on something different.

Blickle acts as a multi-instrumentalist on their debut album which has been slowly recorded over five years, and launched this week on Robotic Empire records.

Listen to Alpaca's debut stream "FNYC" here:

What do you think of Bickle's new direction? Would you have every guessed he played drums in Baroness? Let us know what you think of his new work in the comments.
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