Former Black Sabbath Frontman On Bill Ward Firing: 'If Its About Money, Then What The F--k?'

artist: Black Sabbath date: 02/27/2013 category: music news
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Former Black Sabbath Frontman On Bill Ward Firing: 'If Its About Money, Then What The F--k?'
Ever since the original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward was left out the group's reunion last year, fans were left in a state of disbelief, not quite grasping the idea that no agreement could be reached to this very day. Joining that crowd is the former Sabbath frontman Tony Martin. In a recent chat with Legendary Rock Interviews, the frontman has expressed his confusion over the whole situation, adding that he doesn't get why the band gave up on the drummer so quickly. "The Bill Ward thing is weird cause they always loved Bill. In fact, they never had a bad thing to say about him so I don't quite get why they wouldn't take time out to nurture him back into the fold." "If he had any problems I can't see how a period of rehearsal and help from his band would not fix them and if it's about money then what the f--k? He is the original drummer, so yes he should be given a good cut of whatever" Although the singer has confessed that he is not familiar with any of the contract issues, he cited the example of Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen who has remained in the band despite having his arm amputated back in the '80s. "I just see bands like Def Leppard, whose drummer had an arm ripped off in a car accident. They waited years until he developed a drum kit he could play with one arm. It proves nothing is impossible these days - that's why I don't get the Bill Ward thing." As far as the current state of rock music goes, the vocalist has called rock fans "as awesome as ever", but has however added that he doesn't like the way people treat and devalue music these days. "I just wish people regarded the music itself more respectfully, it's become a worthless art now and music has become a cheap throw away product, a fate that it does not deserve". Martin was a member of Black Sabbath for a total of nine years, becoming the group's second longest serving singer after Ozzy Osbourne. He has appeared on five Sabbath albums, including "The Eternal Idol" and "Headless Cross". So do you agree with Martin on this one? And how do you see the whole Bill Ward situation now over a year later? Let us know in the comments section below.
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