Former Guns N' Roses Drummer Calls Ted Nugent a 'Sick Individual'

artist: Guns N' Roses date: 07/14/2014 category: general music news

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Former Guns N' Roses Drummer Calls Ted Nugent a 'Sick Individual'
Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Matt Sorum has taken to twitter to vent his frustration at outspoken hunter Ted Nugent.

AsĀ Blabbermouth reports, sorum wrote a response to photo he found of Nugent, in which the guitarist is seen smiling while standing next to a pre-teen boy and holding up a groundhog that has been killed with a bow and arrow:

"Hey @tednugent u are a sick individual, u are smiling too much for killing this animal. Something wrong w u, poor kid."

In a recent interview with, Nugent claimed that animal rights activists had to be under "the influence of mind-altering chemicals to think the animals that feed us have the same right as you and me."

"So do animals have the same rights before the barbeque or after the barbeque?" Nugent said.

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