Former Guns N' Roses Drummer Calls Ted Nugent a 'Sick Individual'

Matt Sorum hits out at Nugent hunting photo.

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Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Matt Sorum has taken to twitter to vent his frustration at outspoken hunter Ted Nugent.

As Blabbermouth reports, sorum wrote a response to photo he found of Nugent, in which the guitarist is seen smiling while standing next to a pre-teen boy and holding up a groundhog that has been killed with a bow and arrow:

"Hey @tednugent u are a sick individual, u are smiling too much for killing this animal. Something wrong w u, poor kid."

In a recent interview with, Nugent claimed that animal rights activists had to be under "the influence of mind-altering chemicals to think the animals that feed us have the same right as you and me."

"So do animals have the same rights before the barbeque or after the barbeque?" Nugent said.

Hey @tednugent u are a sick individual , u are smiling too much for killing this animal Something wrong w u, poor kid

- matt sorum (@mattsorum) July 12, 2014

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    You spelled drummer wrong (first line).
    Thanks former Guns n Roses Keyboardist! ...i mean Singer...oh wait...Guitarist!
    Can we please get Tugent and Morrissey in the same room together? Pretty please?
    Hunting is more humane than the way animals are treated for fast food joints and grocery stores. Animals that are hunted were able to live a free life and roam free, while the only life farm animals know is being penned up all their life until they die. I'm not an animal loving hippie, but common sense tells me hunting is far more superior and humane to any other method of harvesting animals for food.
    I definitely agree with you. I've been hunting since I was 12 years old. People think it's all about the killing that makes hunters happy. For me, it's the whole process. I love scouting out a place in the woods and then sitting there waiting for whatever I'm hunting to come by. I eat everything I kill and I love the cutting up the meat myself. For me, it makes the meat taste that much better knowing that I put in all that work to get it. I understand what Ted Nugent means with all of his hunting rants, but I think he takes it to the extreme sometimes and that certainly doesn't play well to the anti-hunters.
    This. I've never hunted in my life, but I do have friends that do. And personally I see nothing wrong with it as long as it's not excessive. I can completely understand how it is a lot more satisfying than buying a t-bone at the grocery store. And unfortunately it is probably a lot more humane than most store-bought meat.
    Just because you eat animals, doesn't mean you should ENJOY engaging in their demise, you sick hick f*ck
    so it's better to just turn a blind eye to the horribly inhumane practices used in much of the commercial food production industry? Ted's way of killing is a lot more humane.
    Shut up. People take pictures of their food every day and nobody bats an eye. What's NOT to enjoy about a delicious hunk of barbecued meat?
    jesus you people, its ok when James Hetfield hunts bears but if Ted Nugent likes to take his son hunting hes a sick ****. theres nothing wrong with enjoying hunting you stupid ****
    Let me guess, you were one of those hipsters that tried to get Metallica out of playing Glastonbury because James Hetfield hunts, weren't you?
    Scott O
    Does that groundhog know where it is? It's in the jungle baby, it's gonna die!
    Animals are food. Most are killed before being consumed. and BTW most animals consume OTHER animals and plants. It's the circle of life. Anyone who has a problem with Ted is just a illinformed, tree-hugging ,global warming believing, Obama is not a nincompoop, koolaid drinking sheep that believes all of the crap on TV.
    At the end of the day if you hunt and kill animals for no other reason than pleasure you are a coward and an ass**le. Fair enough if there's a legitimate reason for it like food or self-defence. If you want to hunt for fun then even the odds for the animals don't be a f**king pussy hiding behind a gun, doubt Nugent is man enough for that.
    Ted Nugent suck nuggets. Screw this sadistic old fart!!!!! *flushes toilet*
    Nugent Nuggets, now for sale in your local supermarket! "They're cat scratch crazy! Like me!" - Ted Nugent
    The average IQ of people who criticise on this...well I think the Steven Spielberg criticism already pointed that out. Shut up and go kill some plants. What a bunch of conformist pigs.