Former Heart Members Are Suing Rock Hall

Mark Andes and Dennis Carmassi were not inducted into the Rock Hall, but their images were used to promote the induction ceremony on the event's official website.

Ultimate Guitar

Two former members of Heart are currently suing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for using their likenesses to promote the 2013 induction ceremony, Billboard (via HenneMusic) is reporting.

Bassist Mark Andes and drummer Dennis Carmassi were members of Heart between 1982-1993. While they were not inducted into the Rock Hall (only the band's original 1970s line-up was inducted, despite requests from band members Ann and Nancy Wilson that the pair be included), their images were used to promote the induction ceremony on the event's official website.

Their complaint states: "Plaintiffs are not asking that defendant Rock Hall induct them into the Hall of Fame. Instead, this is an action to protect the rights, reputations, and likenesses of Mark Andes and Dennis Carmassi through the causes of actions false light invasion of privacy, misappropriation of name and likeness invasion of privacy, injurious falsehood, libel, slander, and right of attribution falsification of rock and roll history for Defendants' wilful and unauthorized use of Plaintiffs' images and likenesses."

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    Pvt Pancake
    That seems seriously ****ed up to use images of members of the band, but not induct them. Oh well RnR Hall Of Fame is a piece of shit anyways.
    Wouldn't be surprised if they inducted them retrospectively to try and get out of the lawsuit. Asshats.
    I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should change their policy to include any and all members of bands they induct, and they should make this effective retroactively.
    hell I'm pretty sure every person from RHCP got inducted including Josh Klinghoffer, so I think there is something we're missing
    Nope. Dave Navarro and Jack Sherman were both excluded.
    RHCP's reasoning behind Dave Navarro makes sense at least. They basically said, "why have Dave be inducted through RHCP when he's going to be inducted for his work with Jane's Addiction anyways?".
    Some bands would have a huge line on the stage..
    This. Fleetwood Mac would have some 15 people on stage. Uriah Heep would have well over 20. Imagine each member giving a speech.
    And don't get me started on if they inducted EVERYONE who was in Black Sabbath or when the RRHOF finally gets their heads out of their collective asses and induct Deep Purple.
    I was ready to come in here and say these guys are just being whiners, but they actually have a case. The Hall of Fame didn't induct them, even though Ann and Nancy requested that they would, and then used their images in the promos, rather than just pictures of the original lineup that got inducted. That's ****ed up. Fuck the Hall of Fame. there's no excuse for that level of douchebaggery toward these guys. They should get whatever their lawsuit demands, AND the Hall of Fame should be forced to induct them, anyway.
    Seriously, UG? You censor the "****" out of "****ed", but leave the standalone "****" intact. Hahaha. Get your shit together.
    Legally speaking you CAN NOT use a persons picture or likeness for a promotion without their consent. It is just that simple. If the Joke that is the RRHOF wanted to use their pictures or likenesses in promoting the induction then they needed their permission.
    This lawsuit only makes sense if the band is doing it to bust balls. Otherwise, how were they injured by the RnRHoF using their image? Seriously, no one cares about these two.
    Imagine if a band you played with for 11 years got some massive recognition, and you got left out because you weren't a founding member. And then, to rub salt in the wound, they use your photo to promote the event even though you're getting snubbed. Yes, the R&RHOF is an even bigger joke than the Grammys, but it's still wildly insulting.
    Because they didn't have the decency to ask permission to use their photo's. You really can't just use photos of people without expressed consent. This was advertising on behalf of the RRHoF they should know all the legalities on this, and if I was a part of the band I would sue them just as a big **** you.