Former Killswitch Engage Singer Howard Jones Fronts New Supergroup

Additional recruits include Francesco Artusato from All Shall Perish and John Sankey of Fear Factory fame.

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Former Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones has formed a new band with Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish) and John Sankey (Devolved, Fear Factory and Divine Heresy).

The group was originally formed by Artusato and Sankey and their desire to create music outside of their extreme metal backgrounds and the two wrote over a dozen songs before recruiting Jones. "We were unsure if Howard would be interested," says Sankey.

Jones was interested and joined late last year. "It turned from bare-bones musical ideas into something that surpassed any of our expectations" he said. "It went from something we thought was going to be a fun, heavy project into something very real."

"It became a departure from what I'm known for," says Artusato. "I wasn't focusing on technical guitar parts (even though I still love that aspect of writing) but simply on writing what felt best for each individual song."

"It's a different style of music for me," says Jones. "It's heavy as anything any of us are known for but I get to do some different things people won't expect. I've been singing almost all my life. Being around good songwriters and musicians in my former bands really helped mold me into who I am now."

The band began the year recording with producer and former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader. The band plan to solidify their lineup for future touring and plan to record a full album with Mader with an eye towards release before the year is out.

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    Howard's awesome.
    Isn't anyone who get's a smokin hot porn star pregnant? They get hundreds of dick's a month but HIS had the super sperm to do the trick, beast. You know the sex was great too because she's a porn star. Oh and I really liked the song "The End Of Heartache".
    and also Joe Blow of Family Gredunza of Death, Tony Random of Spooky Rats in Agony, Jose El Zilcho of Metallisssimmo Amatoriale, and N.O. Body of Pussy Bitter Aftertaste have started a not-so-super group a day before last year and still no article.
    I dont get how every band that has people that were in bands before makes them a 'supergroup'. Surely this is just a band??
    i'm pretty excited i'm looking forward to this, howard was awesome with killswitch i miss him doing vocals for them but the kse album sound very promising, can't wait to hear from my favoriate soulful black man
    I enjoyed Howard while he was in KSE and I'm sure I'll check this out and enjoy it as well. KSE couldn't have gone with a better replacement than Jesse in my eyes. It's great to hear him back
    Velvet Revolver was more of a "Supergoup", but good for Howard regardless
    Velvet Revolver was a band with a new singer that wasn't allowed to keep the name because the old singer wouldn't allow it.
    Velvet Revolver was also quite a different style compared to that of Guns N' Roses. Dave Kushner had a different style of rhythm playing compared to Izzy
    I have to be honest. I never much liked Howard, and I'm glad Killswitch has Jesse back. I might listen to this. Maybe.