Former Lostprophets Members Launch New Band

No Devotion releases debut single.

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No Devotion, the band comprising former Lostprophets members Mike Lewis, Lee Gaze, Jamie Oliver, Stuart Richardson and Luke Johnson alongside Thursday singer Geoff Rickly has released their debut single. The track, titled "Stay" is available through Collect Records, Blabbermouth reports.

As Rickly reports, he had never listened to Lostprophets' music, but was won over by his and the band members' shared interest in post-punk:

"To be honest, I never really listened to lostprophets but with this music, we speak a common language. You don't really grow out of punk, you grow with it. To my mind, post-punk was about taking a more sophisticated approach to that sound, and I think we all have a shared respect for that era of modern music."

He also noted that joining the band took much consideration, because of the controversy associated with former frontman Ian Watkins.

"I had always liked these guys in passing: they're funny and self-aware. I didn't think it was fair, what was happening to them. And, well, the music was too good to pass up."

As Stuart Richardson notes, writing music was a way that the former Lostprophets members were able to come to terms with Watkins' horrific actions:

"We didn't know what else to do. We just wrote music. I didn't know if anyone would ever want to hear it, I didn't know if anyone ever would hear it. I just needed to occupy my brain. We just needed this."

No Devotion are set to begin touring in the UK at the end of July.

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    Good for them. Geoff Rickley is an awesome front man and a good dude too.
    Not a fan of the band but glad to see they are able to move on after all that mess.
    i like the idea but the music doesn't tickle my fancy.
    just be glad the old lead singer isn't doing it
    Or that they are carrying on. They have been treated unfairly because of Ian (him destroying the band and left the rest to try and pick up the pieces, for want of a better phrase).
    I'm conflicted. I'm really, really happy that they're writing new music, and I've been waiting to hear this since I heard the news they would be forming a new band, but I don't really like this song. I was hoping for something more...energetic? This is really mellow and synth heavy.
    As a lostprophets fan i think this is song is terrible. Well the band is not called lostprophets so what should i expect.
    It's nice to see the rest of the Lostprophets guys are continuing to make music, even though I'm not a fan of their music.
    Hate on Watkins all you want, but he can't be all bad! I'll bet he slowed down in school zones!...
    Good for them. They deserve to keep doing what they're good at without being haunted by some sick **** for the rest of their careers.
    am i the only one who is reminded of the smashing pumpkins by this....
    Sleaze Disease
    I call bullshit on his theory that "you don't really grow out of punk". I was heavily into punk rock for most of high school, but I don't listen to it anymore and I certainly don't dress like that, either. It's actually kind of embarrassing that I thought all of that shit was cool.
    Then you never were truely into punk. It's one of those things that once you get into that it never leaves you.
    So you're experiences account for everyone else you've never met that claims the opposite? Fuckoouttahere
    Sleaze Disease
    Danny: Show me where I said that in my post. It's a public forum, and as such, I have the right to submit my own personal experiences. Eissari: Don't even start with that "true" punk shit. I've heard that tired-ass rhetoric a million times.
    You didn't say it but you implied it. And for the record what is Punk to you? Mohawks and plaid pants or hurley shirts and dickies pants? Get back to me on that there champ.
    FUCKING AWESOME. Love Thursday and i'm glad the other guys from Lostprophets are going to carry on, they dont have to carry with the shame of what Atkins did.
    Very 80's, kind of like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Killers, Joy Division, and another band from the mid-00's I can't quite think of...bald dude, dark sound... Interestingly, it doesn't sound anything like Thursday or Lost Prophets. It's pretty much the same formula as every other "indie" band out there (bedroom electronica and college rock), but actually like this song.