Former Lostprophets Members Thank Fans for 'Sticking With Us' at First Gig as No Devotion

'It is obvious that the easier path would have been to slink into the shadows', guitarist Richard Oliver wrote on Instagram.

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The former members of Lostprophets, alongside new frontman Geoff Rickly, played their first gig as new band No Devotion last night, thanking fans for "sticking with them."

As NME notes, there was a quickly building crowd at the back of Cardiff Students' Union early ahead of their show; by 6.30pm dozens of fans were queuing up the stairs towards the 350 capacity CF10 venue, much smaller than venues their former band Lostprophets were accustomed to filling.

While some fans were spotted wearing Lostprophets wristbands, many were already wearing No Devotion T-shirts. While the band did not play any Lostprophets material, two hecklers demanding Lostprophets tracks were ignored.

Beginning shortly after 9pm with their new logo across the back of the stage, No Devotion started their set in darkness, kicking off with "Night Drive," which was quickly followed by "Eyeshadow."

Acknowledging the crowd for the first time, frontman Rickly said simply: "Hello Cardiff. We’re a new band called No Devotion and thank you for selling out our first show."

He later addressed the crowd to shout "Let's f--king have it then," before jumping into more new material including the Stooges-referencing "I Want to Be Your God," and "10,000 Summers," which Rickly called "our summertime song," and ended with him jumping into the pit.

Later on, before B-Side "The Only Thing," the frontman referenced what the band had been through after their Lostprophets bandmate was convicted for 29 years for serious child sex offences, saying: "I've never been so welcomed as I have in Cardiff the last few days." He then thanked the crowd for "sticking with us," saying, "You've seen these guys on stage for 15 years."

Earlier in the day, guitarist Richard Oliver had posted an emotional post on Instagram referencing former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins, writing: "It is obvious that the easier path would have been to slink into the shadows and quietly fade into obscurity. Today with courage we wear our hearts on our sleeves and add a new chapter to this story, one which can allow us to hold our heads high and face the world again as musicians."

After finishing the set, Rickly said, "We're going to go, because we don't want you to stay too long" before set-closer "Grand Central Station."

Speaking to NME after the gig, fan Carwyn James McPharlane from Pontypridd said of the gig "It's amazing to see them getting back on their feet and with such an immense new frontman – from the second I heard 'Stay' I thought it was fresh and better than the Lostprophets later stuff."

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    I never really liked Lostprophets, and I'm not sure I've really heard what this new band sounds like yet, but it makes me feel so good that they're getting past this, facing whatever stigmas they might face, and continuing to make music.
    below the news there's a few links right? click on the "Former Lostprophets Members Launch New Band" link, or search it on this site, and there's a song for you to check out.
    That was alright. Not my usual style but I thought it was pretty cool stuff
    I don't think it suits many Lostprophet fans to be honest, it's a lot less rockier than most were expecting (they're good songs, no doubt about that). But I've said that based on the 2 singles they've just released. Got to listen to the album before judging them
    Its less " rockier" cant believe I actually typed that word .....cause its not "rockier" its POP!!!
    I've never really known the band, and definitely agreed that it's great they're moving on. I just find the decision to completely abandon their old material a bit confusing, however - I think if they just played some of it with a new vocalist, it would be kind of like... cleansing the name. You probably know what I mean.
    I'm really happy for these guys. What Ian Watkins did was horrendous and he should NEVER get out of prison... 29 years doesn't even seem like nearly long enough. I'm glad that the other guys have moved on. I was never much of a Lostprophets fan but Geoff Rickly is a great singer and I wish them the best!
    I'll be really happy for these guys when they're finally known as No Devotion, and not, "the former members of Lostprophets." I bet it would do them all a lot of good if people stopped making that reference. Time to move on.
    Fantastic to see them back at it so soon. I expected a much longer hiatus after the Watkins trial. I wasn't a big fan of the No Devotion single that I heard, but if that fan is right, and this new stuff is better than the later Lostprophets stuff (which was not very good), then I'll be happy.
    Good on them they dont deserve to lose their careers because of one dirty low life piece of shits decision making
    fair play glas to see they havnt been dragged down with all this, although i think they could get away with playing shinobi, thats was probably the only LP song i liked.
    Give it time, No Devotion will have their day in the sun & wipe out the memories of their former selves.
    Well... did anyone see that Ian Watkins is trying to get a reduced sentence? Was on BBC news the other day.
    I dunno man... Hard to believe they never noticed anything when they've been touring with their old singer for so long...
    This really made my day, I like Thursday and i like Lostprophets so this gotta be good. Let the music kill all the shit that they have been through caused by the scumbag of Watkins. Keep Rocking