Former MCR Guitarist Reveals a New Video Single

Noise rock project Death Spells post an epileptic video for "Where Are My F--ing Pills?"

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Consisting of former My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero and James Dewees of The Get-Up Kids, electronic-hardcore noise group Death Spells have officially premiered their latest video for the "Where Are My F--king Pills?" single.

As the work of Pat Vamos, the video could be described as epileptic and fitting for the noise style the group is going for. After posting a total of seven demo clips over a one week period, the band has decided to present us with the full video.

"Today while changing my son's diaper for the 4th time i thought to myself 'how the f-k can one tiny a--hole make so much sh-t?!?' ...And then i thought 'like father, like son.' Here's some new sh-t i made with my friends," the guitarist said while announcing the video via his official website. As far as his work with My Chemical Romance goes, Iero has recently issued a lengthy statement regarding the entire situation, eventually summing it all up by saying "We began, we lived and we ended MCR for all the right reasons."

Death spells will now embark on a nine days long tour starting with tomorrow's performance in Baltimore and ending in Toronto on April 19. Tour dates also include an additional performance at Surf and Skate Festival on May 18.

You can check out the video below, as well as the full list of demos and tour dates.

List of demos previewed:

01. Hate Unconditional 02. Hell All-American 03. End of life 04. Choke On One Another 05. Underneath It All 06. I Don't Know Much, But I Know I Loathe You. 07. Why Is Love So Disastrous?

Death Spells tour dates: 4/11 - Baltimore - Ram's Head Live 4/12 - Worcester - The Palladium 4/13 - Buffalo - Town Ballroom 4/14 - Philadelphia - Electric Factory 4/16 - New York - Irving Plaza 4/17 - Montreal - Corona Theatre 4/19 - Toronto - The Phoenix Concert Theatre 5/18 - Freehold - Surf and Skate Festival

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    I really, REALLY don't like noise rock, and therefore don't think much of this, but the fact he's already moved on and is demonstrating a varied musical style gets respect from me. I suspect that the other MCR guys will no doubt be flogging the dead horse sound that their band helped to create, so good on this guy for breaking away from it.
    If I ever woke up to this, I would probably have to change my drawers....
    Hope this works out, that way we won't see a MCR reunion.
    why bother commenting on a article if you don't like the band? seriously, what the ****? do you really have nothing better to do with your time?
    he implied that he likes this band, not MCR. Honestly, he isn't doing anything wrong. This isn't an MCR article.
    The problem with bands splitting up is that it spawns off a multitude of lesser projects by the individual band members that often don't turn out to be any good that just help to over-saturate the music market. Not that I'm pointing the finger in Iero's direction cause there's no way I'm listening to anything MCR related so therefore can't judge his new stuff without listening to it but, in general
    Sometimes what you are saying happens. Other times, what happened with the Yardbirds happens.
    I would say that bands like Aphex Twin, Bile, and Mindless Self Indulgence have done this 100 times better. Maybe they should take up fingerpainting or something.