Former Megadeth Duo Outline Plans for Metal Project

Nick Menza "totally pumped" to be working with James LoMenzo.

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Ex-Megadeth men Nick Menza and James LoMenzo are outlining plans to work together on a project which will see them writing, recording and touring with a full band in the future.

As Metal Hammer notes, drummer Menza and bassist LoMenzo got together recently for a jam session in California, where the pair cranked out classic Megadeth tracks along with a number of Led Zeppelin covers.

Also included in the session at Menza's Disintegrator Studios was Metallica's "Motorbreath," where the pair were joined by guitarist/vocalist Davor Garasic from Croatian thrashers Sufosia.

Despite their collaboration, the pair never played in Megadeth together. Menza joined Dave Mustaine for Megadeth's 1990 album "Rust in Peace" and rejoined in 2004 before being fired and replaced by Shawn Drover. LoMenzo took up his place with the band in 2006 and appeared on the albums "United Abominations" and "Endgame" before being replaced with the band's original bassist David Ellefson in 2010.

Menza says: "James is a top-notch player with a killer sound – I'm totally pumped and looking forward to creating some heavy original material with him once we officially solidify the rest of the lineup.

"Things are still in the developing stages, so as soon as James fulfils his touring obligations with John Fogerty, we'll sink our teeth into this project. Right now, we're having some fun and collaborating with other players from around the world via the Internet to see what's out there. Nothing is set in stone."

LoMenzo adds: "I've been a fan of Nick's drumming for a long time. He's a great guy and he's one of metal's stand-out drummers. It's an honour and privilege to be making music with him and I look forward to what we'll create."

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    Aryan Death Man
    add Marty Friedman to that line-up damnit!
    I'd usually say that Marty is done with metal but his last song Inferno is pretty damn good, so why the hell not.
    They should also add Chris Poland or Jeff Loomis. LoMenzo could handle the vocals. It'd be like Megadeth, but... better?
    That's great. Both are great musicians and i think Megadeth ( Dave of course) was a little unfair with Lomenzo, of course Ellefson is a monster but as far as i know it was like... ok James Dave is back in the band so you're out. I dont really know if that was exactly what happened and if it was that way. Not cool at all.