Former Nirvana Drummer Chad Channing to Be Inducted Into Rock Hall With Ex-Bandmates

Decision likely to fuel the fire for institution's double standard reputation.

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Former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing, who had performed on the band's debut album "Bleach," is reportedly scheduled to be inducted into the Rock Hall with his former bandmates.

Future Rock Legends broke the news, noting that Channing confirmed his attendance at the April 10 ceremony in Brooklyn, New York, but has no plans of performing.

The decision is likely to fuel the fire for the institution's bad reputation with double standards. In a similar situation, the original Rush drummer John Rutsey, who like Chad only performed on his band's debut effort, was not inducted.

Additionally, the Rock Hall refused to induct current KISS members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, and induct only the group's original lineup.

Apart from previously elaborating his stance in detail, frontman Paul Stanley now took an open jab at Rock Hall committee member Dave Marsh, calling him a "pompous a-s" and "an old fool" via Twitter. "Dave March is a pompous a-s who is a part of the RRHOF. The NY bands in the '70s he loved all sucked. An old fool," Stanley posted.

Marsh is known for bashing some of the ultimate rock greats during his rock critic career, earning him a reputation of "a grumpy rock and roll journalist." Dave wrote various publications for Newsday, the Village Voice and Rolling Stone magazine.

Some of Marsh's dubious critic remarks include calling Freddie Mercury a singer with a merely "passable pop voice," wondering "why anyone would indulge these creeps [Queen] and their polluting ideas." He also described Journey as "a dead end for San Francisco area rock." As far as KISS goes, the critic once noted: "KISS is not a great band, KISS was never a great band, KISS never will be a great band, and I have done my share to keep them off the [Rock Hall] ballot."


— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) March 14, 2014


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    Seems fair, he has just as much right to be inducted as Dave Grohl does.
    Nobody said he doesn't. The point is for all band contributors to be inducted equally, even if they're not in the current or classic lineup, depending on the band.
    On a more serious note… It's clearly just down to how good the albums were that they contributed to. i.e. Bleach was awesome and the new Kiss albums albums suck
    The man played on Bleach and had some tracks on Insecticide if I'm not mistaken. It's only part of the rules. Good for him.
    The Hall of Fame itself is a joke anyway, never mind the double standards regarding former members being inducted or not
    Dave Marsh shouldn't have the right to work anyway. While it's universally agreed that Freddie was an awesome singer with tons of charisma, he goes and bashes on one of the greatest singers of all time. Queen creeps? Why? His double standard merit is deplorable. This man should be fired and put to work as a janitor.
    Slightly off topic, but what is the deal with UG's half-"a-sed" censorship? I swear, there is almost always a plain curse word and one with just a letter missing in every article. I mean, nothing against colorful language, but is it laziness or bipolar disorder?
    Good job turning this into a Dave Marsh article, instead of telling us about Chad.
    I always found the double standards about different members annoying. I wanted to see Dave Navarro go ino the RnR with the Red Hot Chili Peppers (and I guess Jack Sherman as well) but they were like 'nah'. Then there's Black Sabbath (Dio, Appice etc), Metallica(Dave Mustaine) and now KISS. I understand if someone was just there for a few months and ddn't really do anything but these people actually contributed to albums that are well known amongst fans. It just seems weird that they'll do it for some bands and not others. Anyways congrats to Chad Channing guy deserves it he was a good drummer on Bleach
    That's what bothers me, the inconsistency. With one band it's alright if a guy only played on one album, but with another band a guy like Dave Navarro who played on one album won't get inducted.
    In all fairness on this, the reason Mustaine wasn't inducted with Metallica is because he never appeared on an official release. Only a demo.
    If they are inducting Chad, why not Dale Crover? He played on Bleach as well and is a hell of a lot more talented than Chad.
    I forgot about him. But wasn't Crover just helping out until Channing turned up anyway because he was focused on The Melvins?
    Yeah. on THREE tracks. Floyd The Barber, Paper Cuts, and Downer. The other 10 tracks were done by Chad. Might as well induct Jason Everman too. I mean he DID pay for the album being made and without him Nirvana wouldn't have been able to record Bleach in the first place. Also. Melvins deserve to be in there just as much as Nirvana.
    If they perform he should drum and let Grohl handle vocals and guitar
    Grohl wanted PJ Harvey to do vocals on Milk It for sound city but she ended up being busy. I think it would be an awesome idea if shes available. Kurt loved her music too.
    Perhaps you spoke too soon UG. According to Chad personally, as of today, the rock and roll hall of fame have decided not to induct him with Kurt, Krist and Dave. You can read the details on his Facebook page for a follow up if you wish. Thought I would let you all know.
    I find the double standard with inducting members of Kiss to be the most annoying.Bruce Kulick was with them for 12 consecutive years and played on heaps of albums but somehow neither he or any of the other members besides the original line-up qualify. It's a complete joke
    Extremely disappointed that he won't be inducted... this is just the latest example of the Rock Hall snubbing a great musician.
    This is good news! Bleach is an incredible debut album. Chad has snuck his way on to almost every Nirvana studio album except In Utero. He definitely deserves to be inducted with the rest of the band.
    lol @ "Chad has snuck his way on to almost every Nirvana studio album except In Utero". So what you're saying is he snuck is way on to Nevermind ? because that's "almost every Nirvana studio album except In Utero"...
    Bleach, Nevermind, In Utero, incesticide, With the Lights Out boxset and the greatest hits, plus the live albums.. Ishould have left out "studio" because I meant all of their albums.
    If we give chad credit then it would only be fair to give Jason credit for bleach as well I mean especially considering Jason paid for bleach to be produced anyways. And if we give pat credit I mean come on he sat in on guitar for the in utero tour and mtv unplugged and in that case we should give dale Crover credit due to h being on the first sub pop demo for drums and dan peters for the first sub pop single sliver
    Jason everman paid for bleach. That is all. He made no musical contributions at all.
    What the hell are they going to do when they finally inducted Yes. So many different members. Maybe thats why they were cut from the list. It would be just to confusing and hurtful
    I thought Dave Grohl was the only drummer? And someone named Pat also comes to mind.... Anyway, I hope UG posts about Courtney Love using Tomnod to help find missing Malaysian flight MH 307, it's actually trending on FB now.
    Wasn't this the guy that drove a truck through the wall of a mall with the governor's daughter in it xD? I remember Dave said something about all the previous drummers of Nirvana being "Bananas"