Former Nirvana Drummer Chad Channing Will Not Be Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Drummer is not inductee, but a guest.

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Over the weekend, it was reported that former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing, who manned the kit for the band's debut album, "Bleach," would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl. However, according to a new message sent by the Rock Hall (via Loudwire), Channing will not be included in Nirvana's induction.

Apparently, some confusion was bouncing around online, as Future Rock Legends reported that Channing would join the classic Nirvana trio as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. However, as it turns out, the drummer was merely invited to the ceremony, but not as an inductee. The Rock Hall sent a message to Nirvana's management clarifying the situation. It read, "Can you tell whoever looks after Chad Channing that he isn't being inducted ... It is just Dave, Krist and Kurt."

The news of Channing's snub from the Rock Hall is unfortunate for numerous reasons. Firstly, the drummer performed on "Bleach," which includes Nirvana classics such as "About a Girl," "School," "Love Buzz" and many others. The album has since sold over 1.7 million copies in the US alone and is still being spun by Nirvana fans worldwide. Channing also contributed to the legendary "Nevermind" album, recording part of the drum track on "Polly."

It's also unfortunate that Channing's own excitement for an induction has been swatted down. "When I told my daughter about the induction, she was super excited for me!" Channing told in an interview before he was informed he wasn't being inducted. "So much of my excitement about it is for her! She's pretty awesome! My little boy is too young to understand though. So yeah, it does feel pretty good!"

Perhaps Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl will at least invite Channing up onstage with them when they make their induction speeches.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place on April 10 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

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    He was a part of Nirvana's success. I feel it's quite a snub to leave him out of the induction - lots of fans feel Bleach is their best album...including myself.
    Grohl's ego.
    Yeah, because Dave runs the RRHOF..
    You forgetting the treatment of the original Foo Fighters drummer?
    To be fair, if someone in the band isn't pulling their own weight then they should be replaced. He didn't exactly go about it In the best way, but he was still pretty much a kid. And he accepts that what he did was wrong. He could have easily had that taken out ofnthe movie and he let it be. For that he has my respect.
    Wouldn't it be awesome if Chad would mend the drums, Kris on bass and Grohl on guitar and vocals for a one off performance at the induction?
    The more I hear about the hall of fame, the less interest I have in it. It seems like some kind of primary school club run by clueless elitist morons.
    That's exactly what it is. The attached museum is cool, but the hall is a bunch of elitist douches.
    would have to agree, i loved going there and seeing it but some of the inductees left me scratching my head. There are a LOT of non-rock and roll people in the rock and roll hall of fame. I get that some of the R&B, Blues and rap influence the greats but that doesn't mean you have to honor them. A lot of the choices were very odd to me.
    When Metallica got inducted, I recall the excuse for Mustaine not going in with them was because he didn't play on any of their released albums. In this case, Chad definitely played on a released Nirvana album, so what frickin' gives here?? Don't the rules apply equally to all bands? And while we're at it, there are other KISS members not being inducted, although they played on released KISS albums. I can't make sense of any of it!
    With RHCP it was founding members, current members and members that had played on more than one album. Of course that was just an excuse to exclude Dave Navarro and Jack Sherman. Chad was a founding member of Nirvana right? These guys at the RaRHoF are just looking for ways to snub people.
    Long Distance
    Well, no. Chad actually wasn't a founding member, but he was the first somewhat sustainable drummer Nirvana had.
    they dont have ANY rules for the bands. they just induct the most famous ones. genesis had a guitarist before steve hackett who 1.was the founding member. 2.played on more than one album including the debut. 3.songs written by him were used in albums after he left. 4.they seriously wanted to break-up because he left. AND HE WASNT INDUCTED. HOF doesnt give a shit about anything. they induct those whom they want
    I call bullshit on this! Chad Channing was a member of Nirvana just like Krist, Dave or Kurt and some of their best songs were on Bleach! Whoever runs the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is clearly completely unqualified or just a giant elitist dick! And I would love to hear Dave sing play guitar with Chad on drums.
    thats dumb he played on their first album he should be inducted same with pat smear
    And Jason "still waiting for my $500" Everman
    Jason Everman did not play on any cds or write any songs. He should definitely get a nod for paying for the album, but he should not be inducted m
    Pat Smear was only a touring member.
    Actuallly Kurt said in an interview that he's a full member. He just never performed on any studio albums because Kurt shot himself before he could.
    Played on Unplugged album though. So, the question is, what classifies as an album? Unplugged sold millions of copies!
    feel sorry for the guy. i have always liked chad more than dave, he just seems a bit more nirvana . rough around the edges and gives it all he's got. Dave is obviously the better drummer, although i don't see why a bloke who joined the band the year they became famous has band rights over one of the founding members
    rock and roll hall of fame is a JOKE after i saw the way they treated some of the chili pepper bandmates who deserved it, i don't really care. looking forward to the performances and interviews. maybe courtney love will stay true to her name and troll everyone as usual.
    Why did they invite him but not induct him? It's like they're acknowledging he was a member and taking the piss at the same time? :S
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke but they should induct Chad Channing.
    Metallica had Jason on the ceremony... and he was inducted, so why can't Chad?
    Mr. Baloonhands
    this sucks, but knowing Dave, Krist, and Pat, they'll probably be cool enough to bring him up there and be a part of it anyway cause thats just how they are.
    That's what happens when you steal a news article from another website and then post it on here for everbody to read.
    "Tool Finish New Album" "Tool Have Not Finished New Album" "Former Nirvana Drummer Chad Channing To Be Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" "Former Nirvana Drummer Chad Channing Will Not Be Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" It happens quite a lot with this website. Some websites they take articles from are obviously not too reliable.
    Chad should go in, but not Pat imho. Sad, the hof essentially only wants the "greatest hits"lineup.
    Well that sucks. Chad Channing is a great drummer and should be included. On another note, I know it might be considered sacrilege, but I would like to hear Dave sing some Nirvana songs. He's never sung them or sold them out. It would be kind of cool to hear.
    The Hall of Fame is a big sham, the greatest most influencial bands in the world are not even in and smaller bands (with all due respect) are. I'm not taking this serious at all.
    I only watch the show for the performances and the speeches anyway... I dont really care about who is being inducted... 'cause this RnR-HoF became a joke some time ago.
    I'm just curious. Was Robert Trujillo inducted with Metallica? He only recorded one album with them at the time. I think he should be, but it's double-standard to induct him and not Chad.
    He did. Same thing with Josh Klinghoffer from RHCP. He got inductd yet Dave Navarro and Jack Sherman didn't even though they played on a RHCP album each. Also with the exlusion of Singer and Thayer from KISS (and Sabbath and others no doubt as well) it seems the RnR likes to cherry pick line ups. Or as somebody said only really go for the greatest hits line up. Still think Chad Channing should go in. Bleach had that rough around the edges feel which I really enjoyed
    john rutsey not in with rush same here .one album and expect to be in .ha ha
    No surprise. They clearly have no idea! I mean it's obvious, no Deep Purple???? are you kidding me?? even if they inducted Deep Purple, they'd probably induct everyone but Blackmore! Or something ****ed like that!
    Not to take anything away from this whole, foolish exclusion of Channing from something he definitely should have earned, but... "Channing also contributed to the legendary "Nevermind" album, recording part of the drum track on "Polly."" So he hit a crash like 4 times?
    The rock and roll hall of fame not inducting chad Channing! But will induct Robert Trujillo! Bullshit!