Former Oasis Drummer Wants Gallagher Brothers Reunion

artist: Oasis date: 01/26/2012 category: music news
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Former Oasis Drummer Wants Gallagher Brothers Reunion
Former Oasis drummer Tony McCarroll hopes that he can reunite with his former bandmates, almost twenty years after he was kicked out the Manchester group. McCarrol joined Oasis 1991 with singer Liam Gallagher, but was ordered to leave by Gallagher's guitarist brother Noel in 1995. He left the band one year after the release of their debut "Definitely Maybe". McCarroll later sued his former bandmates alleging they owed him a slice of their multi-million dollar record deal. After releasing a tell-all book about his time with Oasis in 2012, McCarroll now insists he is eager to put the past behind him and make-up with them all. "I'd love nothing better than to one day shake hands with all the boys. Time is a great healer. I still bump into Bonehead (guitarist Paul Arthurs) now and again in Altrincham. He's a top bloke. "It's a shame it all ended up weird and bitter." Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher has revealed that he would be up reuniting with brother Noel for an Oasis reunion in 2015 to mark the 20th anniversary of "(What's The Story) Morning Glory". In an interview with Rolling Stone the singer said that despite the pairs recent disagreements, he would rejoin the band for an anniversary gig. "In 2015, if we can put our shit aside, we can tour and play the album in its entirety for the 20th anniversary. I'd be up for that, if it's on our terms. There's got to be two-way respect," Liam said.
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