Former Pearl Jam Manager Pleads Guilty to Stealing $380,000 From Band

Rickey Charles Goodrich admits misusing his position to cover debts and personal expenses.

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Former Pearl Jam manager Rickey Charles Goodrich pleaded guilty to six counts of first-degree theft, admitting he had stolen about $380,000 during four years prior to being fired in September 2010. As Seattle Pi reports, King County prosecutors will likely ask that Goodrich is given six months in jail upon his February sentencing. If he hasn't paid the full amount of stolen money by then, prosecutors will demand a 14-month sentence. Hired by Pearl Jam Touring Co. in 2005, Goodrich assumed control of all Pearl Jam touring financial aspects in 2006. After a series of unaccounted and suspicious payments, several large illegal wire transfers were pinpointed by investigators, leading to Rickey's firing and a follow-up lawsuit from the band. According to the same source, Goodrich's thefts cost the management company about $566,000 with investigative expenses. Apart from covering personal debts, Goodrich had also used band's credit cards to cover various personal expenses, family vacations and wine. He was initially charged with a total of 33 theft accusations. Goodrich is expected to be sentenced on February 21 by Judge Laura Middaugh at the King County Superior Court.

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    what a douche. If you're the a manager of such a big band you do not need the money.
    I wish our governments would get onto bankers as much as Pearl Jam did to this guy.
    todays the 100th anniversary of the FED day right before Christmas eve im sure all of congress was there when it passed...
    Alright, let's get this over with: Poor PJ, can't find a Better Man Mind Your Manners Got Some if you need it A man we'll soon forget there's a fear they'll soon be Parting Ways Can't Keep, Off He Goes better go In Hiding wasn't Faithful wanted All or None Inside Job and anything involving the guy being Gone, Unemployable, an evil little goat, or stating "Once upon a time, I could control myself"...
    he should also just Getaway definitely wasn't Infallible i wonder if he has any Grievance he's spent a Life Wasted he should've known that money was Not For You he deserves a Whipping what a Stupidmop he can just Go for all I care i want his Blood I bet he's filled with regret when he looks in the Rearviewmirror he should go In Hiding he is now my Rival he destroys my faith in Mankind
    Where's he going to get the money from to pay it back? Steal it from another band he's managing?