Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo: 'There Are No Friends When It Comes to Money'

Drummer also reacts to Hanneman Grammy snub.

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Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has been speaking with Metal Yani (via Blabbermouth) about the exclusion of Jeff Hanneman from the Grammys In Memoriam segment.

As Lombardo notes: "Yeah, that was disappointing. But they're notorious for that. That organization is predominantly rap- and country-driven. And they don't wanna hear rock; they don't care about rock and metal. Metal, I think, is music for misfits, and it's played by misfits.

"And what do they wanna do with this kind of music? We wanna get recognized? They're not gonna do it. Let it be. Let it be. We don't need a doorstop. Metal doesn't need a doorstop or an organization to recognize who we are. We have our fans. Let the voice of the fans show how big metal is."

Metal Yani also asked Lombardo for the most important lesson he has learned in his three decades as a professional musician. The drummer responded:

"There is absolutely no friends when it comes to money. That's the number one lesson I've learned."

Lombardo was fired from Slayer in May 2013. The drummer cited that he had not been paid for his 2012 touring work and that 90% of the band’s touring income had been deducted as expenses.

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    Sucks that Hanneman wasn't listed at the Grammys, his death made a strong impact in one of the strongest communities in music. However the fans cared and thats nice enough.
    seriously though, the grammys can go to hell for that and Clive Burr, if they try to nominate Slayers next album, they had better step off.
    Lombardo should start a band called "McDonald's" just to piss off Kerry "Burger" King.
    Kerry "Dairy" Queen is money hungry. Like how I get hungry when I rub a chicks G-spot. It makes me hungry for Pringles Ridges.
    I agree with Dave rock and metal are for misfits and I'm proud to call myself a misfit
    Dave Lombardo seems to be one of the coolest persons in metal music. Also one of the best drummers.
    I think the fans reaction made up enough for a meaningless organisation not including Hanneman's name in the list.
    Lombardo was fired in February 2013. He just wasn't officially replaced until May. Being a pedantic bellend. <3
    Join slipknot! !!!!!
    As much I like both Lombardo and Slipknot, that would actually be a really bad combination. His and Joey's style of playing are completely different, and I just don't see it happening.