Former Van Halen Bassist Michael Anthony 'Flattered' By Reunion Idea

Singer David Lee Roth wants Michael Anthony back in the Van Halen lineup, and Anthony is humbled to hear his praise.

Ultimate Guitar

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony is flattered that singer David Lee Roth wants him back in the band.

Roth had said in February that it was "a disappointment" that the group hadn't called on Anthony to play bass for the reformed Van Halen in 2007. Instead, Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang was drafted in.

Roth also said that Anthony had "one of the greatest high tenor voices ever," and that he would always look forward to a reunion with him, according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

Anthony has now replied via an interview with Eddie Trunk, and seems genuinely honored to be given such high praise:

"I really don't know what to say to that. It was flattering that he said that," said Anthony. "At this point in your life and career and whatever, the career aside, it's more about the friendship and just people. And if the music side of it, if that happens, if that comes about, all the better, but that's not what it's really about at this point."

In other recent Van Halen news, it was recently revealed that David Lee Roth once insured his penis in the 1970s. The news was posted on April Fools day, but he says the story is completely true - including the part where he named it "Little Elvis."

Do you want to see Michael Anthony back in Van Halen? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Wonder what Ego I mean Eddie has to say about a reunion with Michael. I'd LOVE to see it happen!
    Way Cool JR.
    That would be awesome! Van Halen just don't sound the same without Michael Anthony on backup vocals. Please make this happen guys.
    With Wolfgang busy with the band he joined full time (I forget the name) this might have a possibility of happening.
    I was thinking this too. Now that Wolfgang has his own stuff that he's doing, maybe Micheal is game to join. It truly would be a cool reunion having all four original members back.
    Eddie Van Halen will never admit he was wrong to not ask Michael Anthony to rejoin. Don't hold your breath. EVH is certifiable.
    Gotta love Ego Van Halen fanboys. If the former Mr. Drunkie Bertinelli, jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in LA, his worshippers would probably follow him. True, the man pretty much IS Van Halen (along with Alex), but vocally, the harmonic backup singing by Michael Anthony suited this band perfectly. Instead Eddie Van Bukowski recruits his son who'd rather play with Mark Tremonti instead.
    I don't think he should. I believe Dave's reaching out this way is genuine. Wolfgang is just busy now, and trying to probably define himself in the music world. I'd rather see DLR's and John 5's acoustic thing materialize. Michael need to keep doing his thing with Sammy. Eddie just need to do something else, like an instrumental release or something. I just don't think VH are capable of doing anything interesting anymore. They have tried the tour thing on a couple of occasions and it just could not run its course.
    If Dave really wants Michael back in, there is probably a chance of a reunion, because Eddie would be a complete idiot to force Dave out. I mean, the band can only be more successful with 100% of the original lineup together. However, I think they'd have to back it up with a new album for the reunion to be fully effective. Besides, Wolfgang needs to become his own artist, not a substitute in an already established band, and he has already shown that is what he really wants.
    glad the fat kid aint with them. do it propper. get him back. not to sur if chickin cock r doin nething know joe is workin on solo stuff. but **** yea...
    Forget Michael Anthony. Van Halen isn't Van HAlen without Sammy Hagar. Roth can barely move and sounds awful. Sammy blows away Roth's voice.
    YES, he really was part of what made Van Halen well, Van Halen. Realistically I can't see it happening/lasting though...
    I think now is the perfect time for him to rejoin. Wolfgang is already occupied with Mark Tremonti's group, so it wouldn't be too harsh to let Anthony squeeze in a little time.
    Let's just keep Chickenfoot and Van Halen the way they are. Everybody wins,save for a disgruntled fan here and there.
    Wonder if this will cause tension between the band and Roth now, knowing how Eddie gets...
    It could, but Eddie would be an idiot to force Dave out or quit. Having Dave back has already put them back in the spotlight. Having Michael return would most definitely keep the spotlight on them longer, especially with new material.
    keep wolfgang.. he gives the band that special vh spring..mike was great but wolf compliments the band