Four in Five Fans Wanted to Sell Their Glastonbury Tickets After Metallica Announcement, Poll Finds

"Fans around the country have been left feeling done by," the spokesperson says.

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A recent poll conducted on 2,000 Glastonbury 2014 ticket owners has confirmed that four in five fans have wanted to sell their tickets after the announcement of Metallica as one of the event's headliners.

As Independent reports, re-selling the tickets would be an impossible task, seeing that personalization has been enforced on buyers to prevent touting.

According to the same source, a Viagogo spokesperson has noted that "these findings support widespread media reports that Metallica was a controversial choice to headline one of the world's most iconic music festivals.

"Fans around the country have been left feeling done by, with the festival organizers holding back the headline announcement until after the final resale date. We believe that once you've bought a ticket it's yours and if you want to sell it or give it away, you should be allowed to do so.

"In this case, with an unpopular headline act announced late, ticket holders lose out because they can't resell their tickets and Metallica fans lose out because they can't buy them," the spokesperson concluded.

As for Metallica, the members of the iconic act took most of public jabs in their stride, expressing certainty about rocking the Pyramid Stage. Speaking of which, their performance is set to take place tomorrow night (June 28), check back in soon for more info.

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    Metallica, no, but Skrillex, yes? You never go full retard.
    My Opinion? I think they're mad because they've been told to be mad. Hipsters think as a whole, they're as independent and individual as ants.
    please metallica im begging you, play dyers eve and trapped under ice and the heaviest songs you have just to piss them off even more. no black album compromises.
    Whiny little bitches.
    Not me. I'll just go watch someone else. There's more than 1 band there. This is nonsense anyway. I'm standing at the Other Stage right now waiting for Band of Skulls and all I've heard so far are people looking forward to Metallica.
    I just thought I'd let you know that I caught the drum stick at Band of Skulls!
    Me and a friend saw Band of Skulls at a little venue in Pittsburgh and the guitarist gave him the second half of one of his beers. He drank it like it was liquid gold and then I told him he was probably going to get Hipsteritis. Seriously, they kicked ass though.
    Who cares about bloody Glastonbury anyway. They should just stop talking about this sh*t. If they don't want to see perhaps one of the greatest metal bands in the world just don't show up.
    Well they have already payed for the tickets.
    link no1
    Your point being? I went to Download festival where Prodigy was a headlining band, despite not being a fan of them. I didn't whine and throw tantrums like the bitches that attend Glastonbury, I just didn't watch them and stayed with my mates getting drunk.
    once saw them too, not good, but my own fault cause wasn't on acid at the time
    It's not like Metallica is the only band playing. I don't get what the problem is with this festival. You never go to a festival to see every single act anyway.
    Van Guff
    It's on BBC as per. I'm looking forward for 2 reasons: Because it's Metallica, and they're freaking awesome live, and because I want to see the indie crowds loosing their shit because they realise that they've actually enjoyed it.
    I agree, but if it was a metal festival and Lil Wayne got announced as headliner I think most people here would complain.
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    Unlikely. Sonisphere is a 'metal festival' but they had some old rapper guys playing there on the second stage. Can't remember their name at all though. There has also been a pop band there. In both cases the crowd was lovin that shizz. Pretty sure Download festival has done the same thing. But being more specific, Lil Wayne is somebody to complain about in general. Whether it's at a metal festival or even somewhere he fits in. Why? Because he is garbage. So no, I don't think people would complain. At least if it was somebody of worth.
    People would loose their shit if he was headlining Wacken. But that's strictly a metal festival, so it makes sense. I'm not sure why people get so upset at this, Glastonbury seems to be about variety anyway, is it really that far out with a bit of metal? It works fine for Roskilde, noone batted an eye when Carcass and Major Lazor were announced the same day. When a festival is focusing on genre variety it really shouldn't be that controversial when a bit of metal is announced.
    It's all here on youtube. As usual it's not note perfect by them but has a hell of a lot of energy. I bag 'Tallica from time to time but if you saw this same performance in a little club it probably would've blown your mind.
    the content of this article compared to the comment section of this thread sadly goes to show how out of touch most UG commenters are
    its all bullshit seeing as four fifths of concert goers didnt sell their tickets. Ultimate guitar writers have a masturbatory love-hate for metallica, dave mutaine, and ted nugent
    The headline announcement was done after they were allowed to sell their tickets, if I read it right. (Then again it is kinda BS that you'd put a restriction like that on a concert ticket. Say something more important comes up at the last minute - you'd want to be able to sell your ticket, right?)
    has nothing to do with the band, it's just their fans don't shower very often
    Although I am a fan and a clean one, I have to somewhat agree with you. Some metal fans are nasty, smell bad and do all kinds of stupidity such as taking a piss right there in the concert. Some of them are clean and well behaved. I mean, I know it is a metal concert but jeez, being a metalhead doesnt mean one has to be nasty. -There, I said it
    I saw RATM at their last Big Day Out festival tour in 2007, it was an awesome line up; Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Bjork, etc. and RATM headlining. Bjork was on the neighboring stage just before Rage, the crowd I was front amongst. Bjork was brilliant. But there was a sea of metal heads booing, sticking their fingers up... it was so embarrassing , and she saw it, everyone did. Probably why they gave up is their most vocal supporters are complete dipsheets
    "oh no a band i don't like i hate this time to sell my ticket"
    Can you imagine this mentality for Sonisphere or Download ticket buyers? All they ever do is whine about the line ups past the headline acts, but they all still go because they don't let those few bands ruin it for them. Glastonbury? Pfft, one band they don't like and they've thrown their tickets away. Now try and tell me that this isn't about closed mindedness, I dare you.
    And most of those who are like "oh noes, I hate Metallica" based their decision on hearing the chorus of Enter Sandman once, 20 years ago.
    Eh, I kind of feel like these people deserve the right to sell their ticket. I mean if you had tickets to a major metal festival and then they decided after you couldn't change it anymore they wanted lil wayne to headline with his guitar... I know my example is much more extreme, but I can certainly see some of what people are angry about.
    Glastonbury is just a festival, though. It's not specifically a pop, rock, folk, blues, jazz, jazz/blues or blues/jazz festival. So really, I don't see why anyone can bitch about them getting, in a headline slot, one of the world's biggest live acts.
    But you can imagine the pain that we would feel if download held back on their final headline until we couldn't buy or sell tickets, and then they announced something completely off like Nicki Minaj. You'd feel robbed of a decent headline
    read my previous comment, you go to a, lets say, world music festival and all the metal heads start booing music they can't relate to .. kills the vibe
    When has this ever happened? I think you REALLY have a narrow-minded view of Metalheads.
    no i've seen Metallica live, Slipknot (who were great) Avenged Sevenfold, My bloody valentine, a couple of times lol,and quite a few metal festivals, really to many to mention...
    No wonder you have a biased/limited opinion of metalheads. Judging by your list you may as well have based your judgement on an Oasis concert.
    You're forgetting that Glastonburry festival is not just one more music festival. It's dedicated to environmental issues, at least historically, and Metallica doesn't really represent what the festival stands for. People don't want Metallica to be there not because Metallica is metal or because they don't like Enter Sandman, but because it kinda goes against the original idea of the festival.
    Seriously. I recently won tickets to see Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails, and although I'm not particularly fond of NIN, I'm still going for Soundgarden. Just because someone you don't like is there doesn't mean that you're fun is absolutely ruined. Just ****ing enjoy the people you want to see.
    Like you just said yourself, you won the tickets. In other words, you didn't pay a cent for those tickets. Therefore your situation is absolutely different and it doesn't count.
    link no1
    I PAID for tickets to see 5 bands. I disliked 3 of them. I still went because the other 2 are awesome.