Four New David Bowie Songs Appear Online

Tracks taken from the bonus disc of The Next Day reissue.

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UPD: The songs have been deleted already. Four new David Bowie songs have appeared online, NME reports. The tracks "Atomica," "The Informer," "Like a Rocket Man" and "Born in a UFO" are taken from the three disc edition of "The Next Day," titled "The Next Day Extra." The set includes the original 14-track album, a 10 track CD of bonus songs and a DVD featuring the four videos made for the album; "Where Are We Now?," "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)," "The Next Day" and "Valentine's Day."


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The Informer

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Like a Rocket Man

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Born in a UFO

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The full track listing for the special edition disc is as follows: 1. Atomica 2. Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich mix by James Murphy) 3. Plan 4. The Informer 5. Like a Rocket Man 6. Born in a UFO 7. I'd Rather Be High (Venetian Mix) 8. I'll Take You There 9. God Bless the Girl 10. So She

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    *sigh We get new Bowie songs and I only see one comment. Yet if Metallica released some awful B-sides from the lulu sessions we would get 40000 teenagers creaming their jeans.
    I'm gonna go out on a limb... It's a wild theory, but give me a chance... Maybe it's because Metallica has a larger fanbase on this site than David Bowie does!? It's a wild hypothesis with no real empirical evidence, but it's one possibility.
    I'm defineately buying this! I'm really amazed by a lot of his new stuff, i really hope he records another album sooner than later, until then, this will do.
    More Bowie is good Bowie. One of my 3 favorite singers of all time... and the videos have been taken down. Perfect. The scariest Halloween ever. No Bowie is truly horrifying.
    The Chameleon always amazes me, The Next Day was a fantastic album, definitely one of the greatest returns of all time.