Four Years Ago, This Young Guitarist Made Video Lessons for UG, Now Chris Broderick Wants Him in His New Band

The fella goes by the name of Jake Dreyer.

Ultimate Guitar

Former Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick recently sang praises of 23-year-old guitarist Jake Dreyer of White Wizard and Kobra and the Lotus fame, sharing plans to include him as the second guitarist of Act of Defiance.

Chatting with Metal Wani, Chris said that he's been on a lookout for the second guitar player in his new band, noting:

"I have a really good friend and a really good guitarist named Jake Dreyer, who I'd like to bring and have him do some of the guitar work. Time will tell where we go in that direction."

Chris also explained that hiring another member of the band isn't possible at this very moment, saying: "Until we can afford to bring another guitarist on, I think we're gonna do it as a four-piece, but I definitely want to consider that in the future."

Back in the day, Jake used to make video lessons for UG, and it's awesome to see him heading up the ladder. In his teens, Jake took lessons from Broderick, as well as another shred master, Rusty Cooley of Outworld.

You can check out the man doing his thing below, along with a guitar lesson he recorded for UG back in June 2012. Jake's first-ever UG lesson is available here.

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    Irwin Navarro
    If I were Jake Dreyer, id join Act of Defiance in a heartbeat, despite of the band's low market value. It's still better than giving online lessons
    friday.the.13th.jasonx · Aug 24, 2015 12:54 PM
    Does anyone remember the Kristofer Dahl Videos? he was an awesome player, I wonder what he's doing these days.
    Man! I soooo remember his Kirk Hammett, Slash style, guitartube lessons! He's one of the guys that just made guitar videos entertaining to watch. He has been running his own guitar lesson site, guitarmasterclass. com since I don't know? 2006? Not to steal the thunder of UG, but GMC was one of the best guitar sites I have ever stumbled upon although it's a paid site. It has world class instructors with world class ORIGINAL lessons. I haven't been on the site for many years now, but the site was really successful back in 2008 to 2012 period imo.
    Wait. Someone from UG played in White Wizzard? How was I unaware of this? I ****ing love White Wizzard.
    In a previous article it was mentioned Chris goes on UG. It would be quite fascinating to hear if that's exactly how he found this guy.
    "In his teens, Jake took lessons from Broderick (...)" So it's probably not a UG love story. Although Jake's teens were up until 4 years ago, so it's possible I guess.
    "Time will tell where we go I that direction." Can an English speaker explain this to me?
    Baby Joel
    it's basically "ah man he's pretty legend, Hopefully he's able to join us at some point" not a great explanation lol but "time will tell" just means future has it's own ways, so it's impossible to say it will happen. bad explanation but hopefully it makes sense :o
    The stuff that he plays on the first clip sounds like Jason Becker. Probably one of his influences, which is awesome.
    So, for most other jobs, you'd have to get your CV in order, go through all that red tape, getting good grades and stuff. Here, UG is a way into the music world... I'm doing the wrong thing.
    No emotion or dynamics in his playing, just fast alt pick shred, meh.
    Really? I was listening to Beyond the Tranquil Descent (the second video in the article) and I felt that there was a lot of emotion and there were plenty of slower parts, so it wasn't "just fast alt pick shred".