Fred Durst Working on Autobiographical TV Drama

Limp Bizkit frontman once again covers his life on TV after 2011's "Douchebag" sitcom.

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Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst confirmed working on a one-hour TV drama based on his life. Titled "The Noise," the CW-developed feature will mark Durst's second autobiographical effort, the first one since 2011's "Douchebag" sitcom. The drama revolves around a young '90s musician escaping troublesome home life and forming a massively popular band. As TV Guide reports, Durst is handling the duties of co-executive producer, while Miles Feld is in charge of writing. Eric Tannenbaum and Kim Tannenbaum are featured as executive producers, via CBS TV Studios. Durst recently joined forces with country singer Billy Ray Cyrus for a live performance of the singer's "Lately" single at the Arsenio Hall Show. As far as Limp Bizkit goes, the band is currently busy working on their new album "Stampede of the Disco Elephants." Previously announced with "Ready to Go" single featuring popular rapper Lil' Wayne, the record is tentatively due earlier next year through Cash Money Records. The band's latest studio effort, "Gold Cobra," saw its release in June 2011 via Flip/Interscope Records, peaking at No. 16 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    I'm anticipating this. Well not really, but if it ever airs I just hope that it's one of those shows that is inadvertently hilarious
    This guy Durst is like the Anthony Weiner of music.....why wont he just go away?????
    I hope there's a good segment spent on his infamous guitar solo
    Plus an explanation as to what exactly he said. "Shag my friends tonight"? "Shank my friends tonight"? Like wha'...?
    Thrice Capades
    I, for one, am excited. I've been looking for a good reason to burn out my eyes and stab my ear drums.
    Does Limp Bizkit still have fans
    I'll still be driving around listening to 3 dolla bill yall when I'm 70 or 80.
    Thrice Capades
    And if I lived beyond 50, which I won't, I'd be the old-timer in the car next to you shaking his head in disapproval. (ok...Counterfeit was a great song...)
    Well I just made 30 and it hasn't let up yet. Especially since they opened with Stuck here in Chicago earlier this year.
    The guy went from being homeless for 2 years to being in a multi platinum selling world touring stage destroying band that are still out today. Personally I think it could be a good story
    I'll still listen to LB. I think this band gets too much hate and is taken a little too seriously. Don't Go Off Wandering, Clunk, N2Gether Now, Trust, Stuck... Still dig those songs. The Unquestionable Truth was a pretty sick record. So was Gold Cobra... Although that song they put out with Lil Wayne absolutely sucks, IMO. But they recorded the cover of Ministry's "Thieves" for the new album and it still rocks. Curious to see what "Stampede of the Disco Elephants" sounds like.
    Finally some news about a real metal musician on UG. About time.
    This is why Limp Biscuit will never be as huge as the other 90's bands like Korn and Slipknot. Everything Durst does is meant to show off himself. If he put as much effort into his music as he does his public image maybe he'd be as big.
    I don't think he's even involved in the music writing process. I think that's up to the band, Otto, Rivers and Borland.
    Just when Vanilla Ice shut up and stopped whining this infected snatch dripping panty waste starts his crying. Gt over it Your band was a fad nothing more it was not ground breaking or revolutionary. It retrospect it was just as disposable as Nysync and the backstreet boys.
    A man with one watch knows the time. A man with multiple is never sure
    It's going to be footage of a topless blender with shit being constantly being added into it. Each pile of dog shit represents an album.
    If you're dissing you must not have seen a live show. Saw them at Soundwave (Perth, Australia) and it was ****ing mental.| There was the usual talk beforehand of "are they even big enough to have a main stage?" and "I didn't know they were still around". Then the day came, and out of the 30k+ people there (keep in mind this is Perth, Australia, the most isolated city in the ****ing world), they easily pulled 18-20k of the fans. That's with 5 other stages running international artists. If you don't like it then cool, go watch(/listen to) something else
    Thousands of people greeted Hitler, Mao or Bush on their speeches too. Popularity is not necessarily a good thing.
    So that's your arguement for why they don't suck? I think the Aussie sun is getting to you.
    Seriously, I think Fred Durst (and Limp Bizkit) get WAY too much hate. I like listening to them, and they're not really that bad. I will admit that a lot of their material is questionable (specifically every cover that they've ever done), but they get too much hate for it.
    They're Bad.....
    Let me guess... you probably think Dane Cook is bad as well? Typical bandwagon logic; say that they're bad without giving any reasoning why.
    Limp Bizkit and Dane Cook are both bad because of how blatantly obnoxious they are and how they shove their soulless untalented material in your face as if it's supposed to be the best thing ever. They think they're good because they follow a template, but behind those glass eyes and shit eating grins they have no ****ing clue what's going on. Hope that helps
    "talentless" you get up onstage tommorow in front of wes sam and john and tell me you can have even the quarter of the stage presence fred does. you can question his vocal ability all you want but i argue that being a performer is a talent in itself. and his voice has a unique quality to it i doubt you could do what fred does the way his diction is on certain words he has a style. no chance you could ****ing do it if he's so "talentless"
    How do they shove it in your face? Are they always going around everywhere and doing that? Because last I checked, they only talk about their material when they're being interviewed (which is what EVERY FUCKING PERFORMER DOES). Show me some proof that I'm wrong, and I'll eat my words (pro tip: you can't).
    And I noticed that this comment of mine in particular is downvoted more than my other ones. It's just people mad that they can't prove me wrong
    Lol I love how hating something that is normally hated on automatically makes you a bandwagon jumper. Because, you know, it's completely out of the question that somebody may just absolutely hate their music. By the way, Dane Cook DOES suck.
    And by coincidence, many more people hate their music, and most of these people are metal elitists (like all of the users on this site) who enjoy anti-metal/rock circlejerks. Yet they still seems to have so many fans... I wonder why? Answer: You're all ignorant shit heads
    If we're all ignorant shitheads, then why don't you act like a twat somewhere else.
    YOU are the ones acting like twats by just saying that he sucks for no due cause. As I said before, it's nothing but a hate bandwagon, like with Chad Kroger. Even though Nickleback's music isn't nearly as good as it used to be, you asshats tend to completely forsake the fact that their music used to be good and focus only on his recent work, which goes to show just how "open minded" the lot of you are.
    I genuinely hate both Nickleback and Limp Dick. I have listened to their music and it does not impress me because i think it sucks. So quit being a twat and get off your soapbox. I. Not on some hate bandwagon. Do you like Dimmu Borgir, Dissection, or Marduk? Why don't you open your mind and give those bands a chance. You won't though.
    I agree with Dissection, they have talent. Dimmu Borgir and Marduk are just a bunch of hot topic mallcore bullshit along with Cradle of Shit. They are the epitome of posers. Otherwise good point.
    Here's a reason: because they are talentless douchebags that appeal to the herd who have no taste. Clear enough?
    So it's basically Entourage, but with the main character in the music business instead of the film business. I'll check it out
    I will say, at least Ready 2 Go, has a ton of energy in the song, rawness, whichever. Some of their latter material has been lacking a bit in some ways(even though I still like it mostly). But I will say, Lil Wayne's part is absolutely awful. Worse than most of his stuff that he puts out, this isn't even clever to say the least. Oh and the show, who knows, I don't want TV very often.
    Seems fitting….a 1 hour show for an autobiography for Durst….As long as there are a lot of commercials, they should be able to fill that up.
    When I read the title of the article, I was filled with emotion. And by emotion, what I really mean is the feeling you get when you think what it might be like to stare into a black hole, when you realise that despite your best efforts you're still getting older and will eventually die, or that you've still got thirty-odd years left of work left before you can even think about retiring. Cheers, Fred.
    Hey, he has the right to make what ever the hell he feels like. Just he can't make us like it, either.
    What you're all saying might be true, but why does someone need to wear 4 watches at the same time?
    Way to go cuz stil doin ur thing I wish u didn't sign to ymcmb wish y'all stuck to ur roots but the family will always support u
    Even Howard Stern got a whole film about his life. Just saying. And he was just being rude.
    The the TV show will be just like the drama within the show, as well as Fred Durst's career - unnecessary.
    "Durst recently joined forces with country singer Billy Ray Cyrus" Welcome to the Washed Up Club, Freddy.
    So i got flagged for saying Limp Biscuit is to music what crabs and genital warts are to sex. But a video stating that fred durst can suck a fat cock is ok?