Freddie Mercury Fans Discover Final Resting Place

The Queen singer's final resting place has been a secret for years, but now a discreet plaque bearing his birth name has been discovered in a quiet London cemetery.

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After years of searching, Queen fans believe they have finally found the secret resting place of Freddie Mercury.

The singer was cremated in 1991, but fans were never told where his ashes had been scattered. Now a plaque in a West London cemetery has been found, dedicated to a Farrokh Bulsara - Mercury's birth name.

The plaque in Kensal Rise cemetery reads: "In Loving Memory of Farrokh Bulsara. Pour Etre Toujours Pres De Toi Avec Tout Mon Amour - M." (roughly translated, it reads "Always To Be Close To You With All My Love").

The 'M' on the plaque is assumed to be be Mary Austin, Freddie's former girlfriend who was left the majority of his lucrative song rights.

The dates on the plaque also match Freddie's birth and death.

"Everyone knows Freddie was cremated at Kensal Green Cemetery in 1991 but it has remained a complete mystery as to where his ashes were finally laid to rest," one fan told the Daily Mirror.

"According to some biographies, his ashes werent even collected from Kensal Green for well over a year following his cremation. The discovery of this plaque is really exciting and may prove to be a major breakthrough."

In other recent Freddie Mercury news, an unreleased duet with Michael Jackson is expected to appear in a forthcoming documentary about Freddie's life.

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    Correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't this seem really disrespectful?
    Yeah it's totally out of order, but when has that ever stopped the press from publishing things before? lol All you can do with things like this is maintain your own level of respect and hope that the people responsible eventually realise they are sweaty ball satchels!
    Indeed, it seems that their decision to keep his resting place a secret was very intentional.
    Forgive me for asking, but what about this article is disrespectful?
    I think he means that the fact that these fans went out of their way to find something that was deeply personal to Freddie and his family was disrespectful, not the article.
    What about Jim Morrison's grave? That's been graffiti and everything. I think fan deserve to know
    I have mixed feelings on it. He should be allowed a normal grave/ resting place without his friends and family worried it might get wrecked but I think the fans should also have a place where they can lay flowers or pay their respects. Maybe they should put a memorial near his resting place.
    I think a memorial would be the best idea. I assume the main reason people were so eager to find his grave to begin with was out of desire to at least give that final respect. I really do hope nothing bad happens to it though now that it's been found.
    like what unfortunately happened to Jim Morrison's eternal apartment in France. My french teacher said she visited it and was just appalled at the things people had done to it.
    You're probably the first person to ever respond to WholeLottaIzzy without mentioning boobs. I applaud you.
    Thought the jokes were getting old anyways. Also I prefer smaller bust size so I guess self-control is easier or whatever. I looked up images Morrison's apartment. That looks terrible. That kinda stuff ruins it for those who just want to pay respect.
    Smaller bust size? What are you gay? Hes referring to the fact that only immature 17 year olds, or pathetic dudes have Gifs of bouncing boobs. And besides that I actually agree with the dude, but it should have been in a more secluded location. Not in a country that's population is almost the size of the U.S. Of course they're going to find it eventually in the UK.
    I think that...umm...that they should have...umm... Sorry, the boobs got the best of me.
    How the hell could you miss a plaque the size of that!?
    not only that, how can they miss a tombstone with his name, dates of birth and death in the surroundings of his last residence... in 22 years it's crazy it only happens now lol... but maybe the plaque is recent
    frehley freak
    It wouldve been a tough spot unless you happened to be walking by and knew his given name and dates of life. Which i dont think many people wouldve known that or semi-casual fans even.
    So for over two decades no one has ever noticed a big ass pillar in a cemetery right in the capital of Britain?
    I'm thinking people just didn't bother reading all those plaques that are on it. I just don't know why everybody wanted to find his resting place so bad. You don't need to be at a gravesite to pay your respects, so why didn't everybody just let the secret be a secret? That in itself is kind of disrespectful, if you ask me.
    If fans of a musician really think it's that important to know where they are laid to rest, they really need to get out more
    "may prove to be a major breakthrough" for what? Think they didn't tell anyone cause they wanted you to know? if that's what his friends wanted i think the best fans would respect that and leave it alone.
    Not a queen fan at all but I hate how people do this kind of stuff. Just like how certain nirvana fans won't let the Kurt Cobain thing go.
    I have a terrible feeling that the next time we hear about this, it's going to be about his grave being defiled.
    I just visited Seattle a couple weeks ago and stopped off in Renton to visit Jimi's grave memorial. It was a cool experience (see how I used the word 'experience' : I don't think there's anything wrong with people going to see the resting place of their favorite musician, writer, artist, can be inspirational.
    It makes sense that it wasn't released where it was, because why risk having Freddie ****ing Mercury's grave marker disrespected?
    There was a reason why it wasn't let out in the open. Now people are going to flock to it and potentially ruin the area. Just leave him be. If they really were a fan of him, they would respect their wishes and leave it alone.
    Thrice Capades
    I see no disrespect in this. If Freddie had NEVER wanted to be found he wouldn't have had his real name on the marker. Honestly, I'd bet he's having a good laugh right now that it took THIS long just to find the damn thing. Let the fans have their way to pay respects.
    well the fact that it has his birth name instead of Freddie Mercury is a big sign that it was mostly meant for family and friends. but if they didn't put his birth name on it what were they supposed to put?
    He had a girlfriend?
    He loved variety, can't blame him! As for the location of his scattered ashes, the fans who really want to pay their respects will cause no problems. Of course as mentioned above, it's the people who go there to do stupid, pointless shit who will ruin it.
    I also think it's cool to pay respect to our favourite artist, but in the case of Jim Morrison, the place is a mess because of young people thinking it's cool to smoke or drink on his tomb... So 40 years after, it's not looking great ! (sorry if there's mistakes, English isn't my mother tongue)
    Do Re Mi
    Yeah, treasure hunting for the grave of a musician you liked. Seems like a perfectly sane idea.
    Lesson for you kids.. dont have unprotected sex, esp with gay men.
    Woah! Because all homosexuals have AIDs? Great outlook...if your name is Fred Phelps.
    No but it is a proven fact then homosexual men tend to spread HIV much faster, all because doing doing a guy in the ass unprotected can't impregnate them and homosexual men tend to have WAY more partners. So while the comment may have been slightly homophobic it is utterly true, always use protection, regardless of age, race or sex. Gay or not people are generally not forthcoming if they have an STD.
    i'm a huge queen fan from the usa, and i've actually visited his mansion while in england visiting family. theres nothing wrong with discussing this information. i've long admired freddie and his work. this actually made my night, he was a hell of a man and there will be no one else like him. i can only aspire to compose like him someday... RIP freddie
    This is disrespectful? How do we know that fans went out of their way? Many people read gravestones. If it was me i'd be like oh shit that's Freddie Mercury!
    As long as people don't **** it up it shouldn't be that big of a deal. I like paying tribute to the likes of Hendrix and Rhoads at their graves/memorials
    I'm more interested In this duet than people flocking to his resting place.
    so wait, his ashes were scattered....IN a cemetery? usually they are put in the ground or a tomb, OR scattered someone other than a graveyard....hmmm
    He could just've wanted to be cremated but still be in a graveyard. Some people don't like the thought of their body decomposing after they're dead. Personally, I demand that I'm stuffed when I die.