Freddie Mercury: 'Goodbye' Video Broadcast

artist: Freddie Mercury date: 06/01/2011 category: music news
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Freddie Mercury: 'Goodbye' Video Broadcast
Freddie Mercury's previously unseen, last performance was recently shown by the BBC. The documentary, "Queen: Days Of Our Lives", included film of the flamboyant frontman preparing for the video of "These Are The Days Of Our Lives". The unseen Mercury footage was discovered by Rhys Thomas, who co-produced the documentary. According to the Independent newspaper, Thomas said: "The footage of Freddie in his final video is shocking. He is so frail, he needs two hands to hold a champagne glass. But he knows he is being filmed and wants to show people what he was going through." Queen guitarist Brian May commented: "At this time, Freddie's becoming weakened by this horrible disease, but he'd throw a couple of vodkas down and prop himself up on the mixing desk and go for it. He actually says a kind of goodbye in the video." Mercury died of complications stemming from AIDS in 1991. Thanks for the report to Andrew Vaughan,
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