Freddie Mercury Hologram Confirmed

artist: Queen date: 05/11/2012 category: general music news

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Freddie Mercury Hologram Confirmed
Queen guitarist Brian May has confirmed that Freddie Mercury will officially return to the stage as a hologram. It will be part of a special 10th anniversary performance of their popular London theater show, "We Will Rock You", and May swears that people will come away feeling like they really saw the star. According to May, the idea is not in response to the popular Tupac hologram at Coachella this year. "It's a little unfortunate they did that thing with Tupac as we've been trying to make Freddie appear on the stage for quite a while," he said. However, the new hologram won't employ the same technique of projecting a computer-generated image onto special fabric. "That [technique] is something we've looked at ourselves but I think probably for a show that runs eight shows a week it's not really quite practical," he said. The news comes only weeks after Queen drummer Roger Taylor said the band would never perform alongside a hologram of their late singer. "I don't want to sit up here with a hologram of my dear friend," Taylor said at the time. "Were somebody to use a hologram of Freddie, I don't think I would have an objection. But I don't want to. It just didn't sit too well with me." Meanwhile, Queen have re-scheduled a UK performance with singer Adam Lambert after their headline slot at Sonisphere was cancelled. "Adam has an extraordinary voice - no two ways about it," said May. "So we'll be exploring new ways to do things. So it will be exciting!" How do you feel about a Freddie Mercury hologram taking to the stage again? Would you pay to see it, or should his legacy be left in peace? Share your view in the comments.
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