Free Beer And Sandwiches For Reading Festival Goers

artist: Reading Festival date: 08/07/2012 category: music news
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Free Beer And Sandwiches For Reading Festival Goers
Rock music festivals are perhaps as famous for their astronomical food and drink prices as they are for showcasing live acts. The UK's Reading Festival, however, appears to be taking steps to change this. According to NME, ticket holders at the event (and its sister event in Leeds) will be able to get a free beer and breakfast sandwich on every day of the event, as Festival Republic's Melvin Benn explains: "Beer and Burger (B&B) has become Beer and Breakfast Bap (B&BB). Of course it was never intended to be only beer as soft drinks were always going to be on offer and that will remain. The mechanics are simple. For the food element every weekend ticket holder will receive their food vouchers at the same time as their ticket, with a per day voucher that can be redeemed at specially created 'Food for Campers' locations in the campsite, offering either a bacon, sausage or a scrambled egg and mushroom bap..." "The breakfast bap will be available between 7am and 12 noon Friday, Saturday and Sunday and only the voucher for that specific day can be redeemed. Although no sponsor has come forward to support this in any real way our pals at Heinz have been kind enough to donate enough sauce to make us all very happy... The beer is even easier! As you walk out of wristband exchange for the first time a team of festival volunteers will be waiting to give every weekend wristband holder a bag with three cans of beer or soft drinks, one for each of the music days. What's even better is that the bag is a recycling bag, which you can fill with empty cans to get even more free beer! It's on us so I hope you enjoy it!" The Reading Festival has been running since 1971 and takes place on the final weekend of August. Notable headliners have included Nirvana, The Stone Roses and Metallica.
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