Frehley Lines Up Slash for Covers Project

Ex-Kiss axeman says album with Lita Ford, Mike McCready and others will be easy to make.

Ultimate Guitar

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has started work on making a covers album, featuring Slash, Lita Ford and Pearl Jam's Mike McCready among guests.

The news comes before the launch of his sixth solo album, "Space Invader," later this month. That project has been several years in the making, but Frehley believes the follow-up will be easy to make.

He tells Arena.сom: "I get suggestions, I come up with ideas, and I ask friends and associated about which songs to do. They're already written so it's faster and easier. I don't have much to do - the big stress is coming up with new guitar solos, vocal lines and melodies on new songs."

He's hoping the covers record will appear next year. Meanwhile, he describes Space Invader as something of a departure from 2009's "Anomaly."

"It's heavier - I did it by design," Frehley reports. "My fans said my last album could have been heavier, and could have had more guitar work, so I kept that in mind. The biggest surprise is the title track - that was instrumental until we were mixing it. I went to my hotel and wrote lyrics and melody, and through it together in one day.

"Songs like 'Toys' and 'Inside the Vortex' are heavier than anything on 'Anomaly.' Hopefully people will love it."

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    I can't wait to hear Space Invader & that covers album. Really, Ace did some great stuff on his first solo record and still does now.