Friday to Be Designated As New Release Day for New Albums

The pre-weekend day will reportedly replace Tuesday.

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The record industry is looking to set a global album release day. According to Billboard (via Consequence of Sound), in an effort to reduce the plague that is music piracy, the new policy will make Friday the designated day for all new releases in every country.

The concept behind the initiative was put into motion shortly after Australia changed its own release day to Friday. As widespread piracy stems from Down Under, the official streetdates of other countries - Monday for the UK, Tuesday for the US, for example - end up seeming almost irrelevant, as many customers have already obtained illegal downloads.

Some sources say the policy could go into effect as early as July 2015, but others suggest that it hasn't been agreed upon completely by everyone in the industry. But there can be drawbacks.

As Consequence of Sound notes, with one uniform release date, major artists will no longer be able to schedule "high-profile appearances" in multiple countries. Independent labels are also not entirely convinced, saying they prefer having the release day earlier in the week. In addition to re-structuring the "physical pipeline" schedule around the world, music charts (and the way they're tabulated) would need to be changed.

"This global streetdate is necessary for the industry but unfortunately it will be awkward for the physical retailers to change their ways of doing business," one label executive told Billboard.


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    It's been friday for a long time over here in Germany. Don't know why, but I like it. Get outta work, grab a new album and have the whole weekend to listen to it.
    Not gonna work. Either against piracy or in general. There are good reasons for the existing choices of release day, and whether Friday is a better choice or not (I doubt it) they certainly won't get any useable level of consensus.
    I'll be down right honest, I owned many, many albums and then certain ones started coming out before I could buy them and not being that good. They lost a guaranteed sale because it was that bad and then I started to review it before I buy it and make sure they deserve it... Now I say if the album is good I'll go to the show and buy the merch. Anyone else?
    True fact - Slayer 'God Hates Us All' album was released on Tuesday September 11, 2001. Ironic!
    So was Dream Theater's live album 'Live Scenes from New York'. Guess what? It had the skyline of New York (including the WTC towers) in flames on the cover. Now, that's ironic.
    True fact - all facts are true
    A fact is just a statement that can be proven true or false. There are incorrect facts.
    "A statement can be proven true or false. There are incorrect statements. True statements are facts." Fixed that for you.
    Wow so was Jay-Z's first Blueprint album! You know the Twin Towers were designed on a Blueprint. The more true facts you know!
    Fridays wouldn't be so bad. Pop down to the record shop after work or school, pick up a new album you've been waiting for, go buy a 12-pack, and enjoy the start to your weekend with some new music and beers.
    If you want an album for free, the day of the week is going to make no difference to your decision to obtain an illegal copy.
    I don't understand how this will combat piracy whatsoever. Most illegal downloading isn't based on being able to obtain an album sooner through piracy, it's more based on the album being obtained for free.
    Yeah it's always been Fridays in Australia. It's always been fun to buy and album 4 days before the US gets it.
    I don't think this is intended to 'put an end to piracy', just to be on the same page as another major selling region. It's more of a way of keeping up, than a solution. I'm not sure if those in charge realize that, but that's another story...
    I thought it was officially Mondays, not Tuesdays... makes more sense, to me (for some, it's the start of the week). Let's see how this goes. I don't mind the change, the only thing I don't like is waiting for an album I really want to hear (like Slipknot's new album) Patience is a virtue though...
    Well, record companies still have to deal with different time zones. Someone could buy a record as early as possible and upload it on the web for anyone to download. I live in Arizona, so all it takes is for some European or Australian dude to upload the album while I'm still sleeping. And Boom! Fresh new music along with a fresh cup of coffee (or in my case, a Monster).
    Another pillar of my Youth crumbles, are they going to start releasing movies on Wednesday?
    This wouldn't cure piracy. In fact, nothing would at this point. However... I think a Friday release would help. Tuesday is when records are sold where I live. It's also the crappiest day of the week! Many people might be too lazy on a Tuesday to pick up an album, so they may decide to torrent it. On Friday, everyone is in a good mood, lots of people have just been paid, and perhaps the sales of new (and only new) albums would rise.
    On a separate note from file sharing, separate national release dates are pretty irrelevant in the current time. Same with region coding.
    I like Friday release dates for all media (music, movies, video games, etc.). I don't see how this will effect piracy in any way (people are going to get an album up online before street date regardless and most people have no problems waiting a little longer for it if it means they're getting it for free), but I think it's good for other reasons. A lot of people get paid on Fridays so they will have the money as well as they get to enjoy the thing they just bought for the entire weekend along with mostly everybody else. I bet most people who work a 9-5 Mon. thru Fri. will be happy about this, for everybody else, the day of the week doesn't really matter I'd imagine.
    I really don't see the point. From the perspective of a Brit, Friday is usually the day we all go out and get rat arsed seeing as it is essentially the start of the weekend, I don't think it would really change anyone's minds.
    How is this gonna stop piracy? makes no sense
    I think it can only increase it, because during the weekend, people have more access to the internet, as opposed to other days of the week when they have to work.