Funeral For A Friend Drummer Quits

Longtime Funeral For A Friend drummer Ryan Richards has quit the band, choosing to focus on his family instead of the band.

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Longtime Funeral For A Friend drummer Ryan Richards has quit the band, choosing to focus on his family instead of the band. It's an amicable split, because, hey, life happens and things change. People grow up and move on.

Richards (pictured) manned the kit for the Welsh rock band for a decade. His last album with the band was 2011's "Welcome Home Armageddon".

FFAF didn't waste any time filling the open sticks handler position, as Rise To Remain drummer Pat Lundy has already been named as the replacement for Richards.

Richards offered the following statement on the matter:

"After 10 wonderful, enriching, emotional and fascinating years being a part of Funeral For A Friend - I've decided to hang up my drum sticks. I've always put music first in my life - but the time has come now for my family to take the top spot, after patiently waiting and supporting me for the last 10 years and more."

Richards also offered his full support of Lundy as his replacement. He said:

"I'm stoked to have my good friend Pat Lundy step into my vacant drumstool. There's not a better drummer than Pat for the job." What a class act that Ryan Richards is.

FFAF frontman Matthew Davies-Kreye offered the band's sentiments on Richards' exit, saying, "We give Ryan our full support and wish him the best in his future endeavors."

Lundy will make his FFAF debut at the Slam Dunk Festival in the U.K., which takes place this weekend.

Congrats to Lundy on the new gig and best of luck to Ryan Richards in post-FFAF life.

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    Nero Galon
    Well i'm just happy he didn't quit because of disagreements. Nice to see the band were ok with him leaving. I do wonder who will do the screaming, that and his drumming was one major factor as to why I love FFAF.
    This is a disagrace!!! He was one of the first screaming drummers and one of the original Funeral For A Friend members! :OOO Well...but Pat Lundy is an awesome drummer too... I just wonder: WHO IS GOING TO DO THE SCREAMING NOW??? :S
    NO he didn't die... he just quit to spend more time with the family
    he was an amazingly origional drummer but cudose to him for settling down after a job well done lundy seems ok but well have to wait and see he seems a little agressive and mainstream for ffaf....jus sayin
    If only someone could fit the bill for screams. The band will never be the same. Good for him, shite for us