Future of Rock Is Bright, Vows Skindred Manager

Seven Webster believes he can prove the rock industry has a bright future.

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Skindred manager Seven Webster has recently shared his opinion on the future of rock music, via Classic Rock.

He's added more participants to the inaugural Global Rock Summit, which he's organising in Los Angeles next month, featuring Radio One presenter Dan Carter, Epic and Sony label boss Andreas Keul, System of a Down, Alice in Chains and Deftones manager David "Beno" Benveniste, Australian promoter AJ Maddah, House of Blues executive Ben Weeden, and TeamRock's CEO Billy Anderson and managing director of publishing Chris Ingham.

Responding to Classic Rock's magazine and online feature series Rock in Crisis, Webster says: "The industry has the potential to be an even more buoyant force.

"The weakness of record sales has given acts with real grassroots fan bases the chance to smash into the charts and speak up for a genre that's been largely ignored by UK commercial radio.

"The last year has seen Skindred and the Temperance Movement appear in the top 40 while Avenged Sevenfold went all the way to number one. Meanwhile, acts like Black Stone Cherry are moving into arenas despite the lack of proper support from mainstream media."

Webster believes increasingly visible artistic talent is supported by increasingly powerful backstage talent. "Some of the most progressive and innovative business minds are making waves in our industry.

"Rock isn't dead; it's making waves, and at the Global Rock Summit we'll be sharing our ideas and looking at new ways to progress further still - all while the most major commercial branches of the music business remain asleep.

"The GRS is an opportunity to communicate and do business with influential, innovative minds - it's going to be a real gamechanger with long-term benefits for the music we all love."

The GRS takes place on April 4-5 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Event registration is active now.

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    Honey Badger
    Rock and roll isn't dead; it's just recovering from one hell of a hangover.
    It gets pretty tiring hearing this whole "rock is dead" vs. "rock is still alive" debate. It's just a genre of music. And though the popularity of the genre waxes and wanes at times, it'll never die out. But who really cares? Listen to what you enjoy. If it's not popular or mainstream, that doesn't matter. And also, give other forms of music a chance. Rock isn't the only form of music with artistic value.
    I think you guys and the people saying rock music is dead...are crazy. I've never enjoyed music more than I do now. So many great rock/hard rock bands out there lately..
    Of course it isn't, it just hasn't adapted yet to the internet era. Most of our big names are dinosaurs who can't change their ways, it's natural for them to hate it, but up and coming bands that self-promote can get a lot of attention.
    Way Cool JR.
    Most of (if not all) the big name dinosaurs have been using the internet for a long time now to promote and sell their music. So get real dude.
    Using twitter and understanding the shift the industry has made are different things, dude.
    Way Cool JR.
    They aren't just using twitter, they are using pretty much everything that's available. I don't know what reality you're living in but it doesn't seem to be this one.
    Take a look at Black Sabbath's "official" twitter. You'll see what he's on about.
    Way Cool JR.
    Their music is promoted/advertised,played and sold on the internet (downloads & hard copy's), Same as Metallica's. Both bands have Official band websites and Official merchandise websites and Official YouTube accounts. Same can be said for most big time old bands. And when something new is going on with them they announce it on the internet and do interviews and everything else on the internet, UG being one of those places. I just fail to see what you guys think you see.I don't care about Twitter that's not even of my concern about this topic. The only beef the old bands have with the net is pirated music driving down actual sales. They have no problems at all with using it to their full advantage to promote themselves. That's what this conversation is all about, promoting/advertising not gossip on social media websites. So yes the old timers have adapted to the internet era and have changed with the times. Nothing proves any different.
    So the impression I get from this is that despite what the media likes to cover and force feed us, rock is still doing well because the people that matter - the fans, consumers etc - are backing it? I like this view point, it's definitely a positive spin on a subject I've been dreadfully morose about for a few years now.
    Soldier Poet
    People who say that rock is dead are simply stupidly ignorant. Who cares if it's played on the radio or not. Five minutes on the internet will get you all the new and original (rock) music you want.
    Skindred released new stuff last year? Man, I haven't heard anything they've written since like 2007. "acts like Black Stone Cherry are moving into arenas" Good to hear. Don't know many songs, but I saw them live and they were damn good.
    "Webster believes increasingly visible artistic talent is supported by increasingly powerful backstage talent. "Some of the most progressive and innovative business minds are making waves in our industry." " He's right, you know. The sooner young acts take the dip in their pride and realise being a successful performing musician isn't as easily clichéd as pouring your heart and soul into something for a few years and people will see your potential. It's a huge industry, run like a business, managed like a business and paid for like a business. Put your name into the hat of a big PR company and some marketing, promotion, feet-in-doors and a paycheck later...you'll be on your way. There's no shame in it, and it shows a great working ethic toward the music.
    It's just the end of act 3 for hard rock/metal. My name is d.j. andand my band from K.C. will be starring in act 5!!!!! I need sponsorship for us to acquire better/ bigger/ louder gear. So remember my message here at UG and remember rock can never take a mortal wound. I'll text bac our band name in act 4!!!!! Shred on my fellow metalites!!;
    Wait... Act 3? I know it was a stupid-as-balls comment, but I'm curious as to when acts 1 and 2 start and end...
    Unless the band name is From K.C.??? Either way, I’m confused as hell...
    I'm pretty sure if we were separating Rock history into acts there would be more than 2 acts before this current one. Also, what happened to act 4? Are we just skipping that to get to act 5?