Gallery: Randy Blythe Visits Prague Prison

Blythe is sharing some beautiful pictures of the dark prison where he spent a month behind bars. See the gallery and his comments, which remind us to be grateful for what we have.

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Randy Blythe has posted pictures of the cell where he lived for a month while awaiting his manslaughter trial in Prague.

The eerie images on his Instagram account were accompanied by heartfelt messages describing what it was like in jail, and his thoughts on Prague.

"Prague has built a strange place for itself in my heart," writes Blythe. "It is a beautiful place, one I have gotten to know rather well, and even love to a degree. But it is a city of contrasts for me, for I see Prague's beauty through a lens of tragedy."

He made the trip around Prague after his trial was postponed last week, and has since returned to the US. Although the judge says he does not need to return when the trial concludes in early March, he plans to return.

"My head and my heart will remain in Prague until I see this thing through," he said.

Randy Blythe visits Pankrac prison, where he spent over a month awaiting trial

"We walked the entire perimeter of the prison, through neighborhoods with nice gated houses and grim-looking apartment high rises," he said of the search for his cell from the prison walls.

"That was my last cell, on the top floor, where I could look out and see where I took this picture from. I used to stare at the apartment building I took this picture from and wonder what was happening in there.

"Most of the time, I was in the basement, though, and the view from my cell window looked something like this picture, without as much sky. Without much of a view, I had to look inside myself."

Randy Blythe's prison cell

The foreboding walls at Pankrac prison

Blythe says he was glad to see his cell from the outside, but would love to take pictures on the inside too, if he could. "It's amazing inside, in a really messed up way."

Finally, Blythe reminds fans to be grateful for what they have, and highlights how the parents of the fan who was fatally injured at a Lamb Of God show have been respectful throughout the court process:

"The family of the young man who is dead is in court every day, along with mine. They have shown remarkable kindness by not attacking me in the press or anywhere else. It must be very difficult for them to look at my face, regardless of my guilt or innocence. They have behaved honorably, and so shall I. I will do my best to give them the answers they deserve.

"Remember, no story has just one side. Try to look at everything from different angles, to not make snap judgements. Put yourself in another's shoes for a second. Otherwise we all just remain in a prison of our own making."

Blythe on this distant clock: "To me, this clock is beautiful. It holds a strange place in my heart, like Prague itself... it was the only way I had to tell time for a long while"

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    "Remember, no story has just one side. Try to look at everything from different angles, to not make snap judgements. Put yourself in another's shoes for a second. Otherwise we all just remain in a prison of our own making." That truly is a beautifully true statement. Randy is indeed a very honorable and intensely intelligent individual. I have nothing but respect for him, especially in regards to how he has handled this entire situation from day 1. I'd rather my kids look up to his views than those of many pop stars with no real values.
    Absolutely. I can safely say that I would've blown my top a long time back, had I been in his place. His composure and courage are incredible and inspirational.
    As one who had never even heard of Randy before all of this, Randy has since elevated my list of favorite musical personalities. At this point, he is pretty much tied for #1 with Dave Grohl, with Andrew W.K. and Lemmy fighting for a close 2nd.
    Just to let readers know, this is part of a move towards some slightly more longform style articles on UG. Your feedback is welcome.
    Definitely enjoy it. Lately so many articles have felt like 'quick fixes' with no real substance.
    I approve. It beats articles like the one yesterday where Dave Grohl said that grunge isn't dead. It was based on one line from Reddit, already reported the previous day. That isn't news. This is news.
    Scotty Evil
    this site's journalistic ability struggles with tabloidesque crap and now you guys want to make a move to long and meaningful prose?
    Such an admirable and humble guy. Still hoping for Randy and his lawyers to manage to prove his innocence.
    "Without much of a view, I had to look inside myself." - WOW. That's powerful. And to what rip3149 said - as a father, I agree wholeheartedly about the "role model" comment.
    Cannot put in words how much I respect this man. "Although the judge says he does not need to return when the trial concludes in early March, he plans to return."
    This is possibly the first time I've ever seen photos taken on Instagram, and actually appreciated them as having some sort of merit or artistic quality behind them. Instagram is a tool, like any other camera, and he has used it well.
    Wow. I'm by no means a fan of LoG, but I have quite a lot of respect for Randy, especially after this.
    With such powerful statements, my respect for Randy continues to grow by leaps and bounds!...Full power to you, Mr. Blythe, the world needs more people like you!
    I'm going to have to start listening to LoG... Inspirational guy. My question.... Why isn't this covered in mainstream media? Why no statements from our government?
    Because he's not a pop star. It's the same reason why people like Dio barely get a mention in the media when they die, yet people won't shut up about Whitney Houston, and she's already been dead for a year. Not the same situation, but it's the same outcome. You could bet your ass that if it had been Justin Bieber in Randy's situation, you'd likely be forced to throw out your TV and computer, because you'd never stop hearing about it otherwise. Though, for some reason, I doubt he'd return for the trial.
    Do you expect our government to make a statement every single time a citizen is accused of a crime overseas? You shouldn't, because they don't. As for 'mainstream media', they report what gets them ratings and page views. Some moderately popular metal band's singer accused of manslaughter doesn't give them that.
    I have nothing but respect for Randy and the way he's handling all this. Wish him the best.
    I hope everything goes smoothly for him, and I hope the family of the fan finds solace somewhere. I would love for Randy to write a book. His personal experiences and life philosophy could be beneficial for people to read about. He started out sounding like just a cool guy, but has shown what an amazing person he is. I wish him all the best, and pray for him and the family.
    If he writes an album based on this stuff, I really hope the album cover is that last one with the clock.
    I agree with the admirable and humble and I hope Randy returns back to normal although the word Innocent is weird in this situation.
    If you happen to be in Prague Oct 5, Prison Fellowship Czech Republic is giving a concert to benefit ex-prisoners, victims, families. We are just a very small and humble organization,only a few years old, but we are trying to do something. Somehow Randy's fate got wrapped up with Czech Prisons, and so we are bold to invite ya'all to come hear a few CR and Swiss bands play to raise money to help those in prison, getting out of prison, their families and their victims. More info (in English and Czech) Shalom. Beth L.