Garbage Frontwoman Defends Miley Cyrus: 'You're Supposed to Behave Like That When You're 20, That's Your Frickin' Job!'

Meanwhile, Miley calls Sinead O'Connor "an incredible artist."

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Garbage singer Shirley Manson took a defensive stance towards young pop star Miley Cyrus, stressing that her behavior reflects the way anyone should act in their '20s. Shirley shared a lengthy post via Facebook, discussing the complexity of the given matter in great detail. She also admitted that she never would have guessed the "ruckus that would ensue" following Cyrus' VMAs performance. "I didn't really see her doing anything up there that I wasn't myself doing when I was 20 years old," she noted. "Hell ... that's what being 20 is all about! You are supposed to behave like that when you are 20 years old. That's your frickin' job!" Manson continued, "Then I read Sinead [O'Connor]'s Open Letter to Miley and I identified and agreed with it so strongly I posted it on the Garbage Facebook page. The music business is revolting and full of nasty interests and intentions." You can read the rest of Shirley's post here. Meanwhile, Miley addressed Sinead O'Connor and her open letter to young pop star, giving the singer nothing but props and praises. "I think she's an incredible artist," she told host Matt Lauer (via Gigwise). "I think she's an awesome songwriter, and I was really inspired by her for my 'Wrecking Ball' video, which was what started the whole thing. I don't know how someone can start a fight with somebody who said, 'Hey, I really respect you. And I really love what you what you did.' 'You know what? You suck! I don't like you!" She continued, "That was kind of crazy. But as I said, I'm a big fan of hers, so it doesn't really matter. It's all good." During the rest of interview, Cyrus pointed out that controversy was a clear intention with both her sexual image and "twerking" VMAs performance. She also noted that the strategy clearly worked, seeing that even a month later, it's still a hot topic.

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    "You're Supposed to Behave Like That If You're an Obnoxious, Irritating 20 Year Old". More accurate.
    Oh shit...I'm 20, and I have self respect. Am I doing something wrong?
    Technically every musician in their early twenties generally acts like a douche. Motley Crue are a good example. But the thing is they genuinely were douches (some would argue they still are)But Miley Cyrus was a Disney person with a child friendly image. Her shedding that image is all fine and dandy but it seems likely that the way she's acting is more of a PR thing to get more attention (and it's working
    Looking at more Garbage news: "Garbage's Shirley Manson Tells Fans To 'F-ck Off And Blow Me' On Twitter". Yeah, no wonder they think the same way.
    They're both mad attention-seeking bints, so I suppose it makes sense that she would identify with her so much.
    I like Garbage. But I hate when she tries to act like a feminist. She isn't, a lot of feminists actually hate women like Shirley Manson. And why the hell does she air her dirty laundry on Facebook... that's just attention seeking at best
    Miley Cyrus notes theres a lot of meaning behind everything in "Wrecking Ball". But you know, you can go party, you can use nudity in art, whatever, but when it seems like everything do is related to you being nude or almost nude, I think that's kinda pushing it. I think people would give her a lot more respect if she put her clothes on sometimes
    Garbage is a great band and Shirley is a great singer. But she is also a huge douche.
    Yes, Miley would get respect if she wore clothes and stopped trying to make her nonexistent ass jiggle. But ya tell her that, she doesn't listen, says you don't get it. You tell her she was right, you discover you're in a band that sucks.
    "Then I read Sinead [O'Connor]'s Open Letter to Miley and I identified and agreed with it so strongly I posted it on the Garbage Facebook page. The music business is revolting and full of nasty interests and intentions." and once again, UG proves to be the master of misleading titles, this time though it appears no one else noticed
    I'd be more sympathetic to Miley but her latest album is titled 'Bangerz' what class.....