Garbage Reveal the Video for Brody Dalle Collaboration 'Girls Talk'

The song was recorded for the Record Store Day.

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Garbage revealed the brand new video for the newest single "Girls Talk." Watch it in the player below.

The single was recorded for this year's Record Store Day and features Brody Dalle on vocals. It was released with another new track, "Time Will Destroy Everything" as a B-side, on April 19.

Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson contributed to Brody Dalle's debut solo album "Diploid Love," providing vocals for the single "Meet the Foetus / Oh the Joy."

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    That sound sounds like Garbage. Which way did I just go there? Vote now for your choice!
    Wow awesome song. Recently bought Brody's new album 'Diploid Love', it's ****ing amazing, recommend it to anyone.
    Am i the only guy thinking that this video would be so much better if you replaced the mic with an erect penis?
    Well if there are other guys out there that like seeing two women sing/shout at an erect penis then Me, I'll pass on seeing an erect penis in a music video, regardless of who the women are lol...