Garbage's Shirley Manson Praises Courtney Love: 'Where Are the New Girls Who Want to Upturn Tables?'

"Our generation was so eclectic and exciting," the singer says.

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Singer Shirley Manson of Garbage recently gave major props to Courtney Love, praising her eccentricity that she confessed missing among the younger generation of artists. "I miss Courtney," Shirley posted on Facebook. "Looking back, our generation was so eclectic and exciting. All of us writing our own material. All of us full of piss and vinegar. Where are all the brand new girls who want to upturn some tables? Please for the love of god, if you are out there, it is time. Savages and Warpaint are leading the way!" Interestingly enough, Manson's words were interpreted as bashing by some of the fans, causing Shirley to post a lengthy follow-up rant. "What on earth is wrong with you all?!" she said. "Why is me saying I miss Courtney all of a sudden a diss on all these amazing women out there in music?!" "How me giving a shout out to Courtney Love all of a sudden is twisted into some kind of hate on other female artists is so beyond stupid," the vocalist continued. "I am calling out to artists none of us have ever heard of. We haven't heard of them yet because they haven't stepped out yet. So can you all just please calm down and stop assuming I am the anti-christ. This is my page. Go set up your own one and get off my back," she concluded.

Although Courtney certainly isn't the most popular figure in music, would you agree that her kind of eccentricity is what we need among younger artists? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Sure Courtney Love is a batshit crazy waste of human life, but I kinda get where Shirley's coming from when praising her. The other day I was watching some good ol' Dennis Pennis clips on Youtube (the dude who came up with trolling red carpet celebs way before Triumph or Sacha Baron Cohen) and you see all these actresses and singers (Demi Moore, Madonna...) who basically can't'take a joke and walk away real offended. Then he comes across Courtney and Drew Barrymore (both totally wasted of course) and the shtick doesn't really work because they don't give a shit about looking diva-like or classy or seductive or whatever I've often wondered "what the f*ck was wrong with Kurt Cobain, how on earth did he fall for that she-tard?", but I'm starting to believe that as a guy who despised the whole 'alpha male rockstar' thing he probably felt drawn to women with a bit of backbone (same with Vedder and Cornell: look up their first wives and the last thing you'll think is 'typical Hollywood golddigger airhead trophy wife'). So yeah, as peculiar as it may seem I think I can picture what Kurt saw in her. Everyone knows that, once tired of the crazy, he would've ended up divorcing her eventually Also, Warpaint and Savages are awesome
    Two words: Pussy Riot. Upturning tables? Meh. Pussy Riot went to prison for their beliefs. That's far more hardcore than any of Courtney Love and Shirley Manson's antics.
    What, is that ongoing carwreck called Miley Cyrus not enough for you Shirley?
    I get the impression Shirley is looking for women who are mad at the world and have something to say. Miley is just looney and overproduced.
    Garbage has had some brilliant songs, and Shirley has more presence on stage than a lot of metal guys can ever dream of. What she's saying is true, though...the recent pop tarts and rock chicks are usually boring, getting material written for them instead of really expressing themselves, and their only way to get noticed is to show more skin than the others. I've never been a fan of Courtney Love, and I generally believe she's burned her brain to a terrifying degree, but she was pretty bold and brash when Hole first got any playing time. Whatever else can and will be said about Courtney, she did her stuff her way and some of it obviously had an impact.
    No offense, but metal frontmen are pretty much the kings of stage presence. With the exception of Cedric from The Mars Volta and some of the awesome classic rock frontmen like Freddy Mercury, I can't really think of anybody with quite the stage presence like Bruce Dickinson, Lord Worm, Travis Ryan, Luc Lemay, Devin Townsend, the list goes on forever lol.
    What about Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever and current ReVamp and Nightwish) vocalist she has one of the best voices and stage presences that I've ever seen and heard. She would definitely destroy and wipe the Floor (if you excuse the pun) with Shirley Manson, who is a pop singer in a pop/rock band, and her band is a Curve-lite/pop version of the early 90's shoegazing band Curve.
    You're pathetic. Curve's singer, Toni Halliday: "[Curve had] put records out and we always thought they were nice little pop albums full of nice little pop songs. I've always thought that Curve have made great pop...but not once have we been called a pop band, and I'd really like to be called that"
    Courtney Love and Shirley Manson are the great frontwomen of the past... today, we have Sharon (Within Temptation), Tarja Turunen, Floor Jansen (Nightwish), Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil), and many more.
    All of the band's you mentioned have been around almost as long as Garbage and Hole. They were founded around the same time and only about a half-generation behind in their popularity. None of them are as big as Hole or Garbage were, though, and I would argue that they peaked 5-10+ years ago (never mind the fact that they're not as good as Hole/Garbage or fitting for the type of thing that Shirley Manson is talking about).
    I agree it's not the kind of thing Shirley Manson is talking about, because those bands are metal (symphonic metal). But vocally the blow Courtney Love and Shirley Manson out of the water. But yeah, Garbage is (or was) a good band, Hole not so much.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Kurt write most of Courtney's stuff that was any good?
    These ideals are a problem. The reason why there aren't more powerful women role models is because society enjoys laughing too much at the stupidity of what they say. Your music was Garbage, Courtney was Garbage, kesha, miley, gaga, pussy riot, Madonna... garbage. The list goes on... terrible excuses for human beings. But no, you arnt gonna sit and teach yourself how to play instrument WELL, that would be work and hard and stuff. they'd rather get drunk and post random mindless thoughts on facef*ck or twatter why the world isn't handed to them on a silver platter. Do us all a favor and keep your garbage thoughts in the garbage.
    I don't see how the people you named are "terrible excuses for human beings" a bit entitled? Yeah probably, somewhat self destructive? Sure, do they sometimes say things that make them look dumb? Well yeah but who doesn't once in a while. I don't see how that makes them bad terrible people and I can't help but think that if it does then the people judging them so harshly are just as terrible of people. But I'm sure we all know the world is not that cut and dry.
    Shirley Manson once told me to "Get off my back" when I told her she was flat and had a tight p****, so I finished, and got off of her back
    Courtney love, addict and self destructive ass-hat extraordinaire, a role model for the kids.
    "Where are all the brand new girls who want to upturn some tables?" They are calmly and politely expressing their concerns with the rest of us civilized people, Shirley.
    When "calm and polite" are benchmarks for rock musicians, someone's desperately and tragically missing the point.
    Maybe not politically going out there, but Ritzy Bryan and Karen O are amazing modern frontwomen. And although I'm not a big fan, Lauren Mayberry has a lot of attention.
    Lets get something straight Women serve a vital role and hold a distinct position in music. Liten to rocket queen by guns n roses and youll understand thier position. Thats why the 90s sucked they forgot thier place
    you're single, aren't you
    actually Im not but thanks for asking. I remember when music was fun and about partying, girls looked good, and then grunge came in and destroyed everything. I never understood how whining about things made anyone feel better? I'd rather here about good things. Just look at the drug of choice - Heroin? Gee lets get high on something that makes us more miserable. Meanwhile the coke fueled 80s led to fun and partys? Pass me the blow!!!!
    Guns n roses are fun? I didn't realize racism, sexism, and homophobia were fun. Guns n roses had a few good songs but are over all a joke. Axl can suck my *******. Thank you.
    All im saying is that if someone asked me what happened to talent in music My answer would be the no talent crybabies and their grunge movement. You simply cant compare the talents of Malmsteen, Vai, Satriani, and Lynch to anyone form the 90s grunge/alt movement most of it was just noise. BTW regarding my envy for Courtney ....VIVA EL DUCE!!!!
    I must say that I do envy Courtney for 1 thing. I wish I could have been the one who killed Kurt Gobang
    Dead Sara. Emily Armstrong will kick the shit out of most of the male fronted bands out there. Her voice is ****ing primal.