Garbage's Shirley Manson Receives Death Threats Over Twitter

artist: Garbage date: 07/18/2012 category: music news
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Garbage's Shirley Manson Receives Death Threats Over Twitter
Garbage singer Shirley Manson has been subjected to hundreds of abusive messages including death threats from an anonymous Twitter user, according to reports. The singer's manager was forced to contact Los Angeles police officials, says the Daily Beast, after Twitter user @Gunn2urhead known only as Ray Gunn - accused her of cheating on her husband and being a witch and a telepath. "Every night and day she's messing with me!!! can't take no for an answer!!!" he wrote in one message, before adding: "So you want to kill you or myself?" Another message, meanwhile, read: Im gonna kill u b-tch!!!!!!! Manson's manager Paul Kremen reported the alleged cyberstalking to the LAPD, who issued a search warrant requesting information from Twitter executives about the account. The warrant says: "[Manson] stated that she is in great fear for her and her family's safety due to the nature of the threats, the sheer volume of them and the 'crazy' sounding messages being posted towards her. She stated she has never had anything like this on this level occur to her and she is very frightened and wants the threats to be investigated fully." Although there have been no tweets from @Gunn2urhead since June 21, police are still reportedly investigating the allegations and hope to bring criminal charges against the user once they have identified who is behind the account. Garbage recently released their fifth studio album "Not Your Kind Of People" on May 14. The album, which is their first since 2005's "Bleed Like Me", was released on the band's own record label Stunvolume and was recorded in Atwater Village in Los Angeles. Thanks to NME for the report.
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