Gary Holt: Ted Nugent Is a Total Idiot and One of My Favorite Guitarists Ever

Don't discard someone's musical accomplishments because of their political opinions, the guitarist says.

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Gary Holt: Ted Nugent Is a Total Idiot and One of My Favorite Guitarists Ever

Gary Holt of Exodus and Slayer stressed the importance of not discarding anyone's musical accomplishments based on their political stance, telling Full Metal Jackie (via Blabbermouth):

"Heavy metal - and thrash metal in particular - has long since been a political musical genre, I guess is the best way to say.

"We've all written songs about nuclear war and the threat of nuclear war and all this and that.

"And all of a sudden now, people are afraid to touch it, because the world is - music is completely polarized in opposite directions; it's so partisan.

"And I'm a liberal - everybody knows I'm a liberal, but I'm a liberal with really extreme right-wing views on certain things, like crime and punishment, and I support law enforcement and stuff like that.

"But people are so afraid to speak their opinion, 'cause people will swear off their allegiance to their favorite bands.

"Like, I think Ted Nugent is a total idiot. He's also one of my favorite guitar players of all time, and always will be.

"And anytime he says something stupid, it's never gonna make me go throw away my copy of 'Double Live Gonzo' - never! That's not why I love Ted Nugent - I love his guitar playing.

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"Nowadays, people are like, 'Oh, they were my favorite band. Now I disagree with them [politically]. I don't wanna listen to that band anymore.'

"It's a touchy subject nowadays, which really blows my mind that people are so sensitive."

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    OK - true story. The Nuge opened for KISS at Jones Beach in 2000 during their Asylum tour and I was extremely drunk and just started heckling (I never do that).  Just drunk jerk heckling, mostly consisting of mocking Michigan (Iwas drunk man, layoff). So, a bunch of Long Island meatheads were getting pretty steamed with me and were about to make their move when all of a sudden - BWAAAA BWAAA BWA-WAH BWA-WAH WAH etc - starts playing (I'm sure you recognized the unmistakable opening riff to Cat Scratch Fever).  All of a sudden it's everyone's fist in the air instead of in my face, everyone headbanging, situation diffused. Thank you 70s classic rock staple Cat Scratch Fever - you saved my life!
    You meant the Farewell Tour right? Asylum was 1985-1986
    He was probably drunk during typing this.
    Hungover.  But yeah, the Farewell Tour. Also on the bill: Skid Row NOT featuring Sebastian Bach.
    How was KISS? I know they generally were below par on the Farewell Tour. I got to see them for the first time in 2009 though and it was the greatest show I'd ever been to.
    The Jones Beach show was good, not great, because the stage was too small to contain KISS - saw them later that year at Continental Airlines Arena and they were phenomenal. The entire crowd singing along to every song, parents with their kids all in classic KISS makeup, a huge stage and impressive stage set. Pulled off all of the old moves: the spitting blood, the breathing fire, Paul flying over the audience, drum risers, constant pyro etc. I fell in love with them as a little kid in the 70s but never got to see them in the original lineup with the makeup so it was like a childhood dream come true. Gene Simmons gets a lot of shit on this site and rightfully so. He can be an immense ass at times.  I just shake that off by viewing him as an actor playing a character. I'm a fan of the Demon, Gene Simmons not so much.
    i agree with gary, a lot of people say they don't like megadeth cause 'mustaine a idiot/etc' and yeah he can be a bit of a douche at times, but why should you let that bother you if the music is good?
    there isn't enough good music in the world for me to let shit like this get in the way of listening to good music. 
    Just to make this clear, there's still a line here. Ted nugent is on the soft side, but let's say (very unrealisticly) that Slayer starts advocating the holocaust. Hell, my CDs would get burned sooner then later, and I would make a spectacle out of it. I totally get his point, and he's right, but there is a limit.
    Well, there's that frontman from LostProphets who did awful things to children. I don't see how anyone can still listen to his voice after knowing what hes done.
     And I'm a liberal - everybody knows I'm a liberal, but I'm a liberal with really extreme right-wing views on certain things, like crime and punishment, and I support law enforcement and stuff like that. 
    Congratz, you're basicly just a moderate or politically central like the majority of people. Who the fuck beside pretentious wannabe punks and Antifa-support fags thinks basic law enforcement is "far-right" mentality?
    Good job telling him what he is politically. I'm sure you know better than he does what his political views are.
    Im so terribly sorry and would like to formally apologize to assume this ma-.. err i mean person's political stance based on his basic explanation of his political stance.
    I just thought it made you look kind of stupid to claim you know his views better than him based on like three sentences, not that it was some offense that needs apology to assume his political gender.
    Still, if I see someone who owns Skrewdriver LP's I'm definitely going to feel the need to slap them.
    Definitely a red flag, but I don't think owning a CD exactly qualifies as a political opinion 
    Uncle Ted! I remember Ted said some shit about the extended solo in Stranglehold was responsible for wearing out more trailer park mattresses than any other solo known to man.  I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea.
     “Art is making something out of nothing, and selling it.” Frank Zappa
    The great Zappa. Also, love your pic. XD That totally fit Dukat or however you spell his name.
    Rock is the antithesis of politics, like Alice Cooper said. Would you start a formal debate at a party?
    He also said that if a person gets their political beliefs from a rockstar they're a moron following a moron.
    Nowadays unless it's approved by the media/social media musicians are afraid to make music that might piss people off.
    Gary Holt's got the right idea. A lot of people seem to think that a person cannot be fully separated from their music, and to an extent, that may be true, but as someone pointed out in another comment, Ted Nugent does not equate with Skrewdriver.  Different levels of outrage or disagreement, I don't think someone like Ted Nugent extends beyond the reasonable limits. 
    Gary has a good point. It is important to separate the artist from the art. That being said; Ted Nugent makes it really difficult to because he rarely talks about his art. So shut up and riff Ted.