Gary Holt Won't Quit Exodus for Slayer

The guitarist's committed to writing new Exodus material at every opportunity.

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Current Slayer guitarist Gary Holt, who is standing in for Jeff Hanneman while he recovers from a flesh-eating virus, says he wouldn't quit his original band Exodus to take up a full-time Slayer role.

Despite this, he's almost fully booked with Slayer for the foreseeable future, and Kerry King says he'd welcome Holt to the band for a permanent role.

Speaking to Metal Titans (via Metal Insider), Holt was asked if he would quit Exodus for Slayer.

"Not if it meant the end of what Ive been doing my whole life," Holt said. "But Ive been filling in for just over two years now and Im booked all year with them. Im just keeping the work going with Exodus and Ive been doing a lot of riffs on tour."

He continued: "On the summer [run] with Slayer, Im taking a little portable, digital recording rig with me so I can continue working on [new Exodus] stuff in hotel rooms."

So there it is: if Jeff Hanneman recovers, he has a place in Slayer again. And since Kerry King is happy to look after Slayer's songwriting duties alone, Holt can carry on with writing new Exodus material and keep fans of both bands happy.

Watch the original interview with Gary Holt here:

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    Loyalty. Good! Exodus is way better than Slayer anyway.
    That's good, I prefer Exodus over Slayer, but that's just my opinion.
    I can see why, if he joins Slayer, he will be on essentially the bottom of the bands "food chain" . But if he stays in Exodus he will have more seniority(eg making choices on shows, songwriting , where to eat etc.) Than if he was in slayer under kerry kings thumb.
    Hell, even Lombardo and Hanneman, who've been in Slayer for years and years, are at the bottom of the Slayer food chain.
    The last time that Lombardo was absent and Kerry got left with the song writing duties, we ended up with God Hates Us All. I think that Exodus should've been on the Big 4 dates instead of Anthrax (I'm not having a go at Anthrax). Ever since Tempo, Exodus has become a beast.
    but the belladonna era is amazing, and now that he is back and rob left they could always get danny back, plus Charlie is the best big 4 drummer.
    True about Exodus. They have gotten better since Tempo came out nearly 10 years ago (its really been that long?!) but I'd disagree on the first part. Slayer's worst album will always be Diabolus In Musica. At least God Hates Us All had a couple of decent tracks on it.
    God Hates Us All was worth every penny, simply for the experience of hearing Disciple for the first time.
    I reckon God Hates us All is a great album personally, it has a lot of great songs on it. I agree with the other dude. Diabolus in Musica is the worst.
    Of course. After all, who'd pick a band with Kerry King over a band without one?
    link no1
    Kerry is happy to take songwriting duties? Erm...No thanks, I would rather listen to what Jeff can write in is current state, he did write the 'good' Slayer songs after all.
    Fairly obvious really. I'd be shocked if he gave up his band, I mean Exodus truly is Gary Holt now and without Gary what is it? Gotta love Gary.
    Exodus wouldn't be the same without Holt, and Slayer wouldn't be the same without Hanneman.
    Will be interesting to see what influence playing Slayer songs day in day out will have on his song writing.
    Eb|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-00000-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-00000-| this is joke btw before anybody get's butthurt.
    It's an accurate joke. It's just missing the cliche up and down scale in the middle of the 0's