Gary Moore Dies

Legendary rock guitarist Gary Moore has died.

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Legendary rock guitarist Gary Moore has died. According to, the former Thin Lizzy and Skid Row axe-man passed away in a hotel room in Estepona, Spain in the early hours of Sunday morning. He was 58 years old. Tributes have already come in from Moore's former colleagues, with ex-Thin Lizzy Guitarist Eric Bell describing the musician as "a superb player and a dedicated musician." Niall Stokes, the editor of the Irish music magazine, Hot Press, called Moore as a "genius".

Gary Moore, known as much for his solo career as for his work in Thin Lizzy, remained an active musician up to the time of his death. He released his 20th solo studio album, Bad For You Baby in 2008, undertaking a supporting tour for that album in the same year. As well as his association with Thin Lizzy, Moore was known for playing with Emerson, Lake and Palmer's Greg Lake, as well as his short lived super group with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, BBM. His 1985 single Out In The Fields reached No. 5 in the UK charts, although it is probably Parisienne Walkways, his signature track, for which he will be best remembered.

Regarded amongst the guitar playing community for his rich, tonal playing and impressive single-note sustains, Moore's playing has influenced such other luminaries as Rhandy Rhoads, Adrian Smith, Kirk Hammett and Jake E Lee. Throughout his career, he was most commonly associated with with Gibson Les Paul guitars, the company releasing two signature models in the 90's and 00's that both bore his namesake. At this time, the cause of death remains unknown.

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    RIP Gary Moore. Fan from when i saw you back in summer '10 at High Voltage. Put on a hell of a show and is an epic guitarist.
    I would give my life to bring back this man and his wonderful music. I love you Gary, rest in peace.
    RIP Gary. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have half the great guitarists that there are today.
    A great guitarist and musician. It's really not hard to establish why he died though, or any reason to concider his death a tragedy. A shame though, but his music will still be played world-wide.
    I heard about this yesterday RIP one of the greatest that ever lived..
    TheTrooper5 wrote: Absolutely gutting news. An amazing composer. :\
    Couldn't agree more. RIP Gary.
    And again we find ourselves mourning the passing of another spectacular artiste.... Very sad news.
    With Nergal coming out of hostpital, i thought we were off to a good start this year. Then he just goes back in there, and now Gary Moore of all people dies What have we done wrong people? R.I.P Gary
    Very grumpy (when I've met him) but awesome guitarist. He used to walk past my house in Brighton frequently! RIP.
    A true musical genius. I was shocked by the news when I heard. His music will live on. RIP Gary