Gary Moore's Grave In Sorry State

Concerns have been expressed about the "sorry state" of Gary Moore's grave, just 17 months after his death.

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Concerns have been expressed about the "sorry state" of Gary Moore's grave, just 17 months after his death.

Fans living close to his final resting place in Saltdean, East Sussex, have raised concerns about the upkeep of the burial plot.

The only indication of the grave's famous occupant is a small brown cross stating "GARY MOORE 19522011" and a few mementos left by fans.

A spokesman for Moore's family blamed adverse weather conditions for the delay in erecting a headstone.

"A headstone is currently being made, as arranged by Gary's family," said the spokesman in a statement. "It does take some time for the ground, following a burial, to settle and to be able to support a headstone or memorial piece. But with the continuing wet weather, this has added to the time that the ground is taking to settle."

The former Thin Lizzy guitarist died in February 2011 from a heart attack following a night of heavy drinking while on vacation in Spain.

Photo Credit: Belfast Telegraph

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    The only thing this article does is making Gary's family look like utter nitwits, which they probably aren't. I don' even see the point of it.
    Anyone outraged over this, or interested at all, should take the afternoon to go pay their parents/grandparents graves and tidy up, add some flowers, and take a few minutes to say "hello". If you've done all of the above, feel free to worry about how the Moore's bury their dead.
    Sign of War
    Give them a break the graveyard is probably underwater given the amount of rain we've had.
    Do not worry people. This is not abnormal. Many graves are left like this for some time for different reasons. Their excuse is plausible. It might not be the only reason either. Like Sammy said, mind your own business.
    Sammy Mantis
    Yeah, it does take some time for the ground to properly settle before placing the headstone, even in normal weather conditions. No need to make the family look bad for things beyond their control. These "concerned fans" need to mind their own business.
    Uncle Manwich
    Sure his grave isn't the nicest but who cares, people will always remember Gary Moore for being a blues legend. I'd much rather have my legacy being heard and felt than seen in a cemetery amongst all the other dead people. I'm sure Mr. Moore would prefer for me to listen and play his music than to drop flowers near his grave.
    How the **** is this news? Most graves aren't in great condition until they are finished . It will be fine once the headstone/boundaries are done. Normally takes months to a year for it to be all done.
    See, if I thought they needed the money I would suggest us organizing a "Guitars for Gary" fundraiser something. But if it's just the rain, yes it's a little sad that there's no headstone, but that's Gods plan, and we can't do anything for it... Except maybe setting up an Umbrella Vigil!
    I think that Gary's fans should organize some kind of money gathering for making a proper memorial place. The way things go now is unacceptable.
    It's not that they don't have the funds to make a decent memorial area. The weather has made it difficult to place a headstone in the ground.
    the weather? my grandmother in law passed away in february, her headstone was erected a few weeks later, in the rain and its still concreted in place. this isn't a weather its a disrespect to him, as a person, 17 months is a long time, i know people deal with things in different ways but thats just disrespectful
    if he had have been buried in Ireland, either his home town of Belfast or in Dublin where he made his name then his grave would have been well looked after by fans but East Sussex is a long way from home and where Gary is remembered best.
    What twats can use such an excuse...over a year? Sure East Sussex doesn't have the best weather but that's no excuse.
    Not sure if Gary was a millionaire... I remember a few years back where he had to sell his Peter Greene '59 Les Paul to pay medical bills.
    His estate had a considerable amount, he only paid himself 40k a year from the company, so as top world class legendary musician he lived on a small amount in comparison to others. Very humble in that respect. I believe he left over 25 million in the estate though.
    they should've just burned his body to ashes..
    You don't burn someone unless it's their will... probably, it was not, in Gary's case.
    That's too bad. Maybe a monetary donation wouldn't make sense, but certainly a little bit of effort from the fans to make it a nicer grave would make sense. I would certainly do it if I lived nearby. Pouring some drying solution on the grass or constructing something to cover the area around the grave could certainly help the soil dry out to put a headstone there.